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Heaven Interventions: turning back to the 'Truth' 

Reported by: Felisia Moris

( Septembre 2010) 



Julius Moris is my second elder brother. He is married to Bertha, and with whom he has got four children, three boys and one girl; all of their children were baptised in the protestant faith when they were infants. He and his family are not affluent society – they live under one bread winner only. Julius works as a simple car mechanic for a private company. He was born and baptised in the catholic faith, but it had been years that he never went to church, hence he was a non-believer. However, when our mother passed away last year (on 9th October 2009), he became active to search “the meaning of Life”. He is used to saying “I am very limited in financial – I’m ‘broke’”. His difficulty in life is compounded by the mixed-marriage life: his wife is a Protestant. As I am a devout Catholic, I believe that only God can help him with his situation, so I had been praying for his conversion for many years...

Searching for the ‘truth’

Since desiring to seek the ‘Truth’ becomes ardent, he has gone to church for a Mass (in English) on Saturdays since November 2009 at the Holy Trinity Catholic church, in Tawau, Malaysia; initially with only his son aged 11. After almost a year, he was passionate to see many miracles occurs in the worlds through Internet. Julius said to me that since God knows he is used to surfing the Internet every day, God is using the Internet to show him the way to Heaven. By surfing the Internet, he receives some messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary particularly from Medjugorje, also, from Fatima, Lourdes and other places. The messages are in the form of texts, videos, pictures, which are touching. Hence, he becomes hunger to finding who and where the ‘Truth’ is. The ‘Truth’ that he has been searching for is “The Living God”. 

Family trials

In view of the fact Julius and his family lives on two distinct faiths: catholic and protestant, he had had so much tension with his wife (before rather than currently) as to how to educate their children in terms of religion. Their children were concerned about which christian faith to commit to. Despite this situation, Julius did not prompt them which one of the two christian faiths is right to follow – instead he let the children discover themselves. Disagreement and disputes at times occur between he and Bertha, as his wife refuses that their children commit to catholic faith. Julius commented that he was in pain seeing Bertha chucking all the precious elements that he gave her (previously) towards him, with great anger. He did not want to react against her though. 

One day, at Mass, in pain, he cried and prayed to God over his problems. When he returned home, he surprisingly found out that God had listened to his call as his wife was docile to him and treated him well – he was pleased. Last June-July, when I was in Tawau, Julius declared to me this, “Though I am very limited in financial – I’m happy”. Moreover, he goes to Mass, to Adoration, and to Rosary sessions not only with his son, but this time with her daughter (aged 15) as well. Amazingly, in August, after Julius saw the ‘sign’ of God...his 17 year-old oldest son, who used to be a devout protestant, affirmed that he wants to become catholic – this affirmation might make one poses a question of how would his mother think? Regardless knowing what would be her response to this question, apparently, Bertha has become more open to catholic teaching and faith; meanwhile, she remains faithful to her primal-faith.

I would like to state here that, regardless any faiths, in God’s eyes, constructing “unity” and “community” is much more fundamental rather than our thought of perceiving which religions to practise. For this reason, in God’s eyes – we all belongs to Him, in whom He calls to unite in the Body of Christ and be in the communion with Him. Hence, the incidence of Julius and his family does help us to understand that God calls them for unity in the family and thus creating a community which may serve the ONE common God. How wonderful is the work of God’s hands! May God keeps enlightening Julius’s life and his family...

A miraculous ‘sign’ from Heaven

In fact, Julius is hunger to seek God and wanted God to show Him more.... So one day, when he was at his workplace, he strongly intended to lift his heart’s desire for God’s love in prayer. After repairing a car, he went to wash his hands, while praying to God he asked Him for a sign, , it could be any sign. He explained, “I ask God to show me a ‘sign’... any sign will make my heart content...I want more of Him...” Amazingly, God had answered his prayer...the ‘sign’ was apparently seen “in the sky”...How was it happened?


The picture in Image 2 shows a miraculous sign from Heaven occurred in Tawau, Malaysia on 20th July 2010, at 9:11 a.m; the event took place at Julius’ workplace when he was washing his hands outside his workshop. On that day, the weather was very good and serene. He affirmed that after his prayer, he looked up in the sky due to the excellent weather, when suddenly, he noticed an extraordinary cluster of clouds. It was amazingly very beautiful. All of a sudden, he saw a crucifix, it was a huge white crucifix floating in that beautiful cluster of clouds; he stressed, “The Cross that I saw is so huge – bigger than when you saw a commercial Boeing air-plane.” He was startled, and puzzled over the scene. He then prompted to call his Timorist colleague to see it, he is catholic called Banos – at first Julius simply pointed to the Cross (with his finger), but his colleague could not see it; consequently, Julius told him he meant that there is a Cross (up the sky) where he was pointing to in that direction; as a result, he could see the Cross. Later, Julius told Banos to take the picture of the scene using his mobile phone, whilst Julius hastily washed his hands as he was intending to take the picture of it as well using his mobile phone. Julius made two snapshots, both were fine, whereas his colleague made three snapshots, but only one was successful. Shortly when they were enjoying themselves watching the scene, another Julius’ colleague, a Chinese man namely Ah Ping, he is Christian; he was wondering what they were looking at, hence, with curiosity he asked them, “What are you looking at?”, Julius did not prompt to respond him, neither his Timorist colleague, because Julius wanted that he sees and discovers himself what they could see. Evidently, he could also see what they saw at that moment by pointing (with his finger) to the direction of the crucifix! Ah Ping questioned them for approval, “Is that the Cross you are looking at? Julius and his Timorist colleague nodded with a smile. Since Ah Ping could see it, Julius declared, “So this means that what I saw is not in my imagination but it is REAL!” From that moment onwards, the three of them felt very touching (shaken).

In the evening, on the same day, Julius saw the picture that he shot on his desktop computer. He was flabbergasted seeing the picture, as it is not similar to what he saw at the scene that morning. However, he felt that there was someone in his thoughts telling him this several times, “Continue looking at the picture, as there is ‘something’ in there.’ Therefore, he did continue looking at it – from which he was touched after finding out that there is really “something” in there, he said “Clearly, God wanted me to see not only the Cross, but also His Face. I was very touched and I thanked Him as He had answered me more than my request. As I am longing to hold and to touch something from Him, hence, God gave me the picture of His Face for holding and touching.... This signifies that I have already held and touched Him.” When I questioned him about whether there is any change in terms of the development of faith to God now, Julius continued explaining this, “Nowadays, I am the only one profoundly experience God’s Power of Love, but not my two colleagues, in which made me feel sorry for them.


 Image 2: The Sign of God occurred at Julius’ workplace


Analysis and explanation of the picture

The picture does not actually show the huge white crucifix that he (and his collegues) first saw. But, indeed, it miraculously shows the image of the Blessed Trinity: if you carefully look at the picture, you may observe the Holy Face of God, where we could see vividly two eyes, a nose and beard that resembles Jesus Christ’s face (i.e. of the Shroud of Turin), also, there is a moderate-size white crucifix embedded in His Face and a minor-size bright-crucifix imprinted on His beard (on His chin), which Julius claimed it is the Cross he initially saw; next, there is a “Dove” like shape on the bottom-left, which is resembled the Holy Spirit.

After a few weeks, Julius discovered some other meanings imprinted in this picture: there is a figure of an angel, holding a sword in his right-hand (see on the upper far-right); Julius declares that underneath the sword i.e. against the God the Father’s breast, he saw there is a word “Julius”, which is his signature; and he believes the angel is his protector, i.e. St. Michael the Archangel whom he prays to for daily protection.

In addition, I was and have been touched, time and time again, because I myself have seen another ‘figures’ in the picture(s): there is the Blessed Virgin Mary with open arms (see on the upper-right) – it looks like the “Immaculate Conception” figure, that is when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Sainte Bernadette (Soubirous) in Lourdes, France. Also, there is a figure of a ‘man’ with open arms (see on the upper-left), which I believe it is a figure of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus”. There is God the Father holding His sceptre in L shape (see on the upper-middle of the Face). Recently, a priest in Banneux, Belgium, told me that in fact the letter “L” relates to the name “God” or “Lord”.‘The words "God" and "Lord" (used for the Hebrew Adonai) are often written by many Jews as "G-d" and "L-rd" as a way of avoiding writing a name of God, so as to avoid the risk of sinning by erasing or defacing his name.’


In addition, there is a huge writing, which horizontally indicated “JESUS” (see in the centre, across the Face).

The priest of Banneux also confides that one should bear in mind: one can simply “believe in God” without any signs/miracles from Heaven, which means simply through “faith”, one can “see” God. This remark reminds us what Jesus said to the doubtful Thomas:

"How happy are those who believe without seeing me!” (John 30:29)


Reflexion and devotion on the sign: the outcome

What does the sign mean? What does God want to address to us all here? In fact, Julius sent the photo to me via e-mail. I did not immediately see what was there in the picture. Hence I closed my eyes and prayed, in the meantime, Julius was explaining me about the photo, about how it had happened. After praying, I could amazingly see the Face of God, the Holy Spirit and the Cross (as aforementioned). I acknowledge I personally touched when I saw the miraculous photograph. Two weeks later, it seemed God prompted me to discover other figures imprinted in the photo, because Julius re-sent it to me – this time with a sketch on the photo explaining that there is an angel with a sword, he advised me to thoroughly looked at it again, in so doing, not only I saw the angel, I also discovered the others: The Blessed Virgin Mary, God the Father holding His sceptre in L shaped and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, along with the name “JESUS” on the Face. Again, I was very touched and realised how “Great the Lord’s love is to us!” I felt that I was hunger to seek His love. I am used to going to pray and meditate before the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesdays in Banneux, Belgium; but on 22/10/2010, I experienced a very extraordinary phenomenon: when I went to adore Jesus before the Blessed Sacrament on that day, I felt the Holy Spirit touched my soul, I felt overjoyed, and in the realm of flame of love for God, with such “ flame of love in my heart” I said to God, “Jesus, thank you for showing me and my family your love and mercy through the sign that you had shown us. I desire to love you and adore you always!” I could see vividly the miraculous photo that Julius sent me in my soul, in which God pointed it out to me and said,

“Adore me always; with this picture, I invite you to pray like this:

O Blessed Trinity,

I adore you,

I worship you,

I love you,

I trust in you,

I glorify your Holy Name.

Say this three times, followed by one the Our Father, ten the Hail Mary and one the Glory Be. Any souls who practise the devotion, I will grant their request.” 

On that time onwards, I did the devotion myself, and I found out that my request was granted, I was moved and overjoyed and I praised God for His goodness and love! My conversion has become intense and real. Indeed, the sign along with this message reveal to us that God is pursuing his Flame of Love and Fount of Mercy to all souls who respond to Him with love, with adoration, with worship, with glorification and with trust in Him. The Lord wants all souls experience His love and mercy, which inflame eternally. Whoever responds to His call, will receive the gift(s) which Julius and I have already received. Amen.                                                                                      


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