GOD's WORD in 2014 

 The Lord guided me to reading the Scriptures of that day before addressing His message(s) to me.


The Messages of God in December 2014


5th December, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading - Isaiah 29: 17-24

The Lord says,

“Do not be afraid, My dear people, I am always beside you... I take care of you day-after-day; I am your Hiding Place. REMEMBER, I am your Creator; I love you and, and I bless you. I have called you to pray at all times, especially at this difficult time (period / era); My Spirit shall guide you where you should go, if you pray... For prayers, all prayers, which are sincere and pure…shall become your Shield – the Shield of your soul against your foes. Do not be afraid, but turn your eyes towards Me and have Faith! Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you. +

The Gospel Reading - Matthew 9: 27-31

The Lord says:

Be still! Be in great silence, My children, and listen, listen to My WORD and keep it in your heart. I am coming soon, and you... be prepared for this great feast... for my return. REJOICE and be GLAD! For I will come to heal your broken-hearted and all your problems. Have faith in Me, My little ones: many times you fall, but many times I come to save you. I save who you are... are you aware of that? Do you come to give thanks to Me? BE STILL, and know that I AM your GOD.

I went to the Adoration today, and later to the Mass. Here is the priest’s homily, “The Gospel is astonishing! Jesus did the miracles! The two blind men said, ‘Have mercy on us, Son of David!’ (...)  Jesus said, “Let this be done for you, because of your faith! (...) The feast of this time (Advent), it speaks of Faith and Light: when there is darkness, God enlightens us with His Light due to our faith. (...) SOON will be the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. The feast shows us, too, the Light of Christ. Ask God to awake our heart up, and to deliver us from our sins.” Amen! 

12th December, received at Adoration, Banneux

The Gospel Reading - Matthew 11: 16-19

The Lord says,

“Bear witness to My Commandment, My Children, and keep it in your heart. What man can do in order to have PEACE and JUSTICE? It is to obey My Commandment; to live with integrity..., and to pray for those who are in need. Be merciful, My dear children, and bear fruit from My grace, day after day; for I am the Prince of PEACE, and I am the Father of JUST. Listen then if you have ears... and REJOICE! PEACE be with you!”

I went to the Adoration today, and at today’s Mass, the priest preached, “The beatitude is especially speaks of the Mercy – the Mercy of God. (...) Next Sunday, we are invited to have JOY! To be Joyful! To participate in the JOY of God. (...) To be merciful...is to cry with those who are in pain. (...) With Mary here in Banneux, we pray ‘Hail Mary, full of grace! REJOICE Mary!’ It is the JOY, which is not superficial, but the JOY that is lasting. Joy is the gift from God....though we, at times, encounter painful moments – it is painful. But, to be Christians is to experience the Joy of God – be in JOY! Noel (Christmas) is a JOY which we share you. Amen!” 


19th December, received at Adoration, Banneux

The Gospel Reading - Luke 1: 5-25

The Lord says,

“I AM your SAVIOUR; I am coming soon... to save My people who are in distress. I have come to you, My people... be in JOY! Be in JOY! FEAR NO MORE... but REJOICE!”

I went to the Adoration this morning, and later to the Mass. Here is the priest’s homily, “The Gospel today addresses us the virtue of HOPE. We enter in the new Hope! (...) Every day, the church leads us towards the HOPE. (...) In both Scriptures today, God gives hope to the women and men who were unable to have any child. God brings Hope and Joy to His people.  In the Gospel, the joy of Elizabeth and Zechariah was apparent when God gave them the Good News! John the Baptist, their son, would be born. Good News from God... (...) Well, Good News is coming soon... (Noel). (...) Let our lips praise God for His goodness, ‘Lord, you have been My Rock, My Refuge... My Hope, My Stronghold since my birth. May your Name be praised!’  Let us shout with JOY! NO MORE fear – as HE is our SAVIOUR!” Amen!  

26th December, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading - Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59        (St. Stephen, First Martyr)

The Lord says,

“I give you the saint (Stephen) to show you the reflection of My Merciful love. All My saints are the example on how you should live in all goodness. How would you live for My Glory? Have you got any charity towards others? Do you make peace with one another? Do you help those who are poor of the poor? Do you come to adore Me at any time? Do you give thanks to Me for all I have given you? Whatever you do that is good, it reflects My Image; and which then you give Me GLORY. STOP for a moment, and spend the time in prayer... Be with Me, My little children; I can never forget you... each one (every individual) of you is precious in My eyes. Do you know that? PRAY, pray, pray... PRAY a lot... Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you.”  +

I went to the Adoration today, and later to the evening Mass. Here is the priest’s homily, “(...) Why do the world reject God? It’s...INCREDIBLE! It’s the egoism of man! (...) Thanks to the FAITH. Through faith, we share the LOVE of God. That LOVE responds in the heart of man – to have God in us. (...) St. Stephen had done something good for God’s Glory; his action is a marvellous gift from God. Let us receive God’s love into our heart – do not worry, and do not be afraid to receive God. When we pray for such grace, it’s not you who respond it, but the Holy Spirit that responds it in your heart.” Amen!       

 The Messages of God in November 2014 

7th November, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading – Philippians 3:17 – 4:1  

The Lord says,

“My dear people..., COME to My heart; the heart of Love and Mercy flows to every being who seeks for it. DO NOT be afraid to come to Me; I repeat, do not be afraid. Give your “selves” to the poor of the poor...” 

(I asked God what He meant by that? He responded...)

“Give what you have to the poor of the poor. Be firm in your faith to Me; pray at all times. As only through firm faith you could see who you are serving for. If you do it for one of these poor ones, you do it for Me. I AM your Saviour...you believe or not, it is your choice....”

The Gospel Reading – Luke 16: 1-8 

The Lord says,

“I AM who I AM. Live according to My Word. Do what is good. For the reward is greater in heaven. Man must see what is important in life. There is nothing else rather than to love one another and to share what you have to those who are in need. Be generous as I am generous. Do not worry about tomorrow... I’ll take care of you. Trust Me, My children, I am your only Providence. Do you count on Me? Thank you for having listened to My call.”  

I went to the Friday Mass and then to the Adoration today. What has reminded me since...about the priest’s homily was this, he preached, “... What do we do to prepare in the city of heaven? We are expected to know about how to share our belongings with one another. (...) Do not trust in the world of money, but trust in God’s truth... and in God’s Mercy. (...) God’s image is more towards Charity... (...) ALL comes from God...such as to do a service for our brothers and sisters... to construct a brotherhood unity.” Amen  

16th November, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Proverbs 31:10-13, 19-20. 30-31 

(I asked the LORD what the scripture means by the word “wife” – who is it? The LORD responded...)

The Lord says,

“I am your “wife”: I come to love you, to espouse you, to bring you back to my household (to His Kingdom), to maintain your health and to care for you. I am the God of Love and Mercy..., God of the entire universe. My dear people, have faith in Me... I love you!” 

The 2nd Reading – Thessalonians 5:1-6

The Lord says,

“Be still and know that I am your God..., your God. I want you to take time to be with Me... for life without a prayer is lifeless. Spend the time in silence, come and adore Me.... My dear children. Are you ready?”  

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 25: 14-30

The Lord says,

“If you have time to pray, spend that time with me. What do you want of me to help you? Have you got faith in Me? Faith will help you to go through the prayer. I want you to have that JOY in the prayer, and may you have all the graces you need. Listen then, My children, as I am your only Providence. I bless you.”  +

I went to the Sunday Mass and then to the Adoration today. This was what the priest’s homily, he preached, “....It is important to give thanks to God every day for the life and for what we have had. Do you give thanks to God? (...) It is important to be a faithful servant of God. To offer God what He wants us to do...is a GREAT JOY! Isn’t it? If not, what does ‘life’ mean? (...) It is to do what God wants us to do... to help others with great CHARITY..., but not to always look to your “selves” – being proud of your “selves”. Therefore, what does it mean all that? You can have all the miracles, all what there are in the world..., yeah... but what does it mean “life”, if you do not have FAITH? (...) Be aware of that. (...) God loves us; He is the wife for us, and He wants us to be prepared because, He could come at any time to us; He will come like a thief... So, be prepared. Amen.”  

23rd November, received at Adoration, Banneux   

(The Sunday Mass celebration of Christ, Universal King)

(The LORD invited me to read, to meditate and to pray with, the whole Scriptures Readings of today Sunday Mass, before he would address his message to the world.) 

The 1st Reading – Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-17  

The 2nd Reading – 1 Corinthians 15: 20-26. 28    

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 25:31-46

The Lord says,

“My dear people, I call you to see (seek) the bright side, rather than the dark side in your life. I do not judge anyone, but if you do not keep My Great Commandment and put it into action, you might end up by judging yourself: you perish due to your sins. LOVE one another, as I have loved you, and COME to adore me, to love Me, to worship Me, for I am your Saviour, your King.  What can a man do to the least of my brothers and sisters? Do you treat them well? Have mercy... for those who ask for mercy, as I am a merciful Father. I am the Alpha and the Omega... Do not worry but trust Me.... I bless you My people, and be in peace with one another. (God gives his solemn blessing to all...) In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  +

(I joyfully responded, “AMEN.”)

I went to the Sunday Mass and then to the Adoration today. What has reminded me since...about the priest’s homily was this, he preached, “... God is Mercy, God is Mercy through His Love... (...) Let us listen to the Word of God, and put into practice His Commandment in our daily lives. God’s presence is in us and amongst us, and let us be aware of It. Help our brothers and sisters by the gesture of Love and Mercy. (...) Amen.” 

28th November, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Apocalypse 20:1-4. 11 – 21:2  

The Lord says,

“Listen My dear people, I am your Father in Heaven..., I would like you to change your heart now. For life is essential rather than death. I would like that you change your lifestyle; decide for LIFE.... Be alert on this day, today! Many souls have been deceived by the Beast. You could not run away from it, if you don’t pray and decide to change your heart. I am with you. Do not be afraid. Stay awake and pray at all times! I invite you to pray with your Holy Mother. SHE protects you from any harm. I am with you; I defend you. You are the apples of My eyes.... I bless you.”  +

The Gospel Reading – Luke 21:29-33

The Lord says,

“Give your heart to Me, and be saved.”   

I went to the Adoration today, and later to the Mass. The bishop’s preaching was strong and eloquent about the Sign of time, as he preached. “New generations today...are obsessed by all IT: mobile phones, tablets, High Definition computers, etc... But, where do they go?  (...) The Apocalypse is a Sign... a Symbol of language... (...) God wants us to wake up and to see what is important in life. Many are not interested in faith... to know God. As a results, Christians disappears – prefers to be on their own. Today, perhaps we can find only a small group of Christians still remain (exist). (...) The world that we live in today is catastrophic, in apostasy... Many Christians have been persecuted due to their faith in Christ. (...). Let us encourage and support Christians who are suffering and in pain in the world, today! (...) By believing in JESUS CHRIST, you will be in the Book of Life... (...) It is also sad, nowadays, that many churches have been closed. Many people aren’t interested to attend Masses – it is discouraging! BUT, the Apocalypse says: BE COURAGE! GO FORWARD! (...) Jesus says in the Gospel: all the world’s catastrophes are not to be afraid of! Erect your head high up – Stay Awake!  (...) Egoism surrounds you... WAKE UP! Do not sleep! Be aware! The doorbell rings! The Kingdom of God is at hand (near to us). Turn your eyes to Him! DO NOT be afraid. Be proud of yourself as Christian. Support the spreading of the Gospel through God’s grace. All what we work for daily, if not for God, it is nothing. So raise your head up to the LORD!”  Amen!  

 The Messages of God in October 2014


3rd October, received at Adoration, Banneux

The Gospel Reading – Luke 10: 13-16 

The Lord says,

“Have you got time to listen to My WORD, and to put IT into practice? What can a man do without My WORD? Can you live without Me? I shall come to each one of you... and to make you understand that I am your Creator... ”

(With JOY, I prompted to say, “LORD, You are My CREATOR, and I thank you for all your Creation!”  The LORD continued...)

“I can never give up loving you, My children...know that I AM your Father who loves you. Grant Me your time: to spend the time with Me in silence. Be near Me in My heart. Come and adore Me, My children. Listen to My WORD and put IT into practice...to live in holiness. I thank you, and I bless you.” +   

I went to today’s Mass and then to the Adoration. The priest’s preaching reflects upon the Word of God (above). The priest preached, “...Today, we heard about a crucial Word. (...) There has been a long time that people do not believe in miracles. Those who do not listen to the Word of God, they despise the WORD of the LORD, too. (...) Ask the Lord to have the grace so as to respect the Nature... (...) Ask St. Francis of Assisi to help us; he who praised God in the Nature – we respect the Lord in the Nature... (...) Today we celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus. JESUS gives us abundant graces... flowing from His Heart. That’s the GREAT grace of God. Amen.”

10th October, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Galatians 3:7-14 

The Lord says,

“Faith has no comparison with the law of man. Listen to My Word. If you keep My Word and nurture it, you shall no longer be faltered but you will be saved. My grace shall be upon you... and make you see the Truth through Faith. The act of faith is derived from your love to Me, and I for you. And the law of man is derived from the precept of man. What can man’s law save lives? The JOY that I bring to you is that “I AM you Saviour,” if you believe? I give you the Way... If you believe in Me..., then follow Me. I bless you.”  

Today’s Gospel Acclamation    (John 10:27)

The sheep that belong to Me listen to My voice, says the LORD, I know them and they follow Me. 

19th October, received at Adoration, Banneux


The 1st Reading – Isaiah 45:1,4-6  

The Lord says,

“Be near Me, My dear people, be near Me... close to My heart. I give you this heart of Mine... My heart fills you with abundance of grace. Come, close to Me; do not be afraid.”

(It was a moment of silence...and my conversation with God.  He continued addressing this to the world...)

“Man of little faith, why do you worry about tomorrow? Don’t you know that I AM your Creator...who provides you all the graces you need. Search My heart, My dear people, search My heart... How I wish that you have found Me.... Do you believe in My MERCY? I AM the King; I AM the Alpha and the Omega; I AM the Resurrection and the Life. Come..., open your heart to Me and I will fill it with My JOY, Great JOY! Rejoice, and be glad! I give you all My blessing: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” 

(I was filled with JOY... and hastened to say, “AMEN! Thank you LORD!”)

The Gospel Reading – Luke 9: 18-22 

The Lord says,

“Be righteous, as I AM Righteous. Be honest to one another and be merciful. Do not judge others, but show your LOVE through the act of charity to the ones who are in needs. Love never judges but to give unconditionally, with all your heart...”

I went to the Sunday Mass and then to the Adoration today. What has reminded me since...about the priest’s homily was this, he preached, “... It is important to be in communion with God in our daily action, every day.... Jesus Christ is the Way..., the Truth, and the Life. God knows our day-to-day lives. Let us surrender all to Him...for He is our Creator... (...) Amen.” 

24th October, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The Gospel Reading – Luke 12: 54-59 

The Lord says,

“Oh, My children, My children of the world; COME, listen to Me. I AM your Father. How happy I am! If you could come close to Me and listen to Me... What I want you to value in your lives is... to be perfect as I am perfect (Holy): to share your love with one another – do not judge. Help those who are weak, especially those who are hopeless...there are many, see around you.... Discern to My Word every day, in silence. Speak to Me, My children, for I am close to you every day. Be aware of My presence... I thank you for having listened to My call.”

I went to the Adoration and then to today’s Mass. The priest’s homily was highlighting God’s message of today, as he preached, “I think it is important to be able to read the sign of times.... People may say, ‘it is normal. That’s the life in the modern time, so it’s normal...’ (...) Well, It’s important to understand what’s going on in the world today – fragile world! (...) It has been always at the end of the liturgical year, the end of times is spoken of. (...) What do you do, then? Do you reconcile with your neighbour(s)? Do you respect with one another? What does man not do, which is supposed to do? God counts on us... Respond to this call from God. Amen.” 

31st October, received at Adoration, Banneux   

(The feast of All Saints Day, on the 1st November)

The Gospel Reading – Luke 14: 1-6 

The Lord says,

“My dear people, listen to Me, I am your Father in heaven... I never forget you... you are My little ones. My little ones, what do you want of Me to help you? Do not be sad due to your problems of the world. COME, to Me..., and I’ll give you rest (peace). Learn from Me, and trust Me. I give you the choice... Love one another as I have loved you. Serve one another, with a grateful heart to Me. I bless you.”  +   

I went to the Adoration, and I read and meditated upon the scriptures of the Weekdays in Ordinary Time. I then went to the 4 pm Mass on that day, but the Office was for the feast of All Saints Day! However, I was touched by the 2nd Reading (1 John 3:1-3) and the Gospel Reading (Matthew 5:1-12) as the Word reminded me of God’s message today! Here was what the priest preached, “... Live in the soul of prayer and in the love...that’s the communion of the saints, (...) also in Holy family.  (...) We are saved by God. All people will be saints. God knows us – He visits our hearts. (...) Love and faith live within us and the saints live amongst us... We need one another... (...) Happy are those who are gentle; they receive the blessings from God. The gentleness reduce the anger.(...) Indeed, all the violence on TV is impure! The misery, the hopeless...need our help. The gift of God is to share with others. All...we can be saints. All...we are saints, as we work the work of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.” 

Today’s Gospel Acclamation  (1st November)

Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest, says the LORD.       (Mt 11:28)

 The Messages of God in September 2014

12th September, received at Adoration, Banneux  

The Gospel Reading – Luke 6: 39-42    

The Lord says,

“My dear people, give Me your heart. Your heart is full of deceits, egoists, troubles, and all calamities of this world. I will change your heart of stone to My heart...and you will be mine. You will become My children, My children of light. You can never fall into the pit again, as I am beside you...I save youYou are my angels and saints...”

(I asked God what he meant by that? He continued...)

“You shall bear witness to My Gospel, as you see what the Truth is, and the Truth has set you free... You shall bear witness to the Truth.” 

(With JOY, I hastened to say, “AMEN!” The LORD continued...)

“Be prepared then, My dear children, before you start the mission. I love you and I bless you.” 

After the morning Adoration, I attended the evening Mass at 4 p.m. The word that the priest expressed during the homily highlights upon the close relationship between the Mother and the Son; when we pray with Mother Mary, She brings us close to Her Son’s heart, and they bring us closer to God’s heart, who loves us. The priest preached, “(...) Do you know what the name ‘Jesus’ mean? The name ‘Jesus’ means “GOD SAVES” – He is the SAVIOUR of the world.  (...) And, the name ‘Mary’ means “LOVE GOD”... (...) Mary is full of grace, her being is full of God’s grace...loving God first. (...) When you pray with Mary, Her Son, Jesus, always answer us, as She always close to Her Son. She intercedes for us (...) Amen.’ ”

Today’s Gospel Acclamation    (John 17:17)

Alleluia, alleluia! Your Word is Truth, O LORD, consecrate us in the Truth. Alleluia! 

18th September, received at Adoration, Banneux   

The 1st Reading – Corinthians 15:12-20

The Lord says,

“My dear people, have you got time to meditate upon My Resurrection? IF you don’t believe in My Resurrection, I don’t force you to believe it... But I invite you to pray...take time to pray...and seek the Truth... MY grace helps you to see this Revelation... OPEN your heart to My grace... do not be afraid, My dear little ones, only through accepting My grace with an open heart you will be freed from disbelieved. Are you ready to accept My grace? I am waiting for your response... Thank you.” 

I went to today’s Mass after the Adoration. The priest’s preaching reflects upon the word of God (above). The priest preached, “What is faith? Our faith is that “JESUS has RISEN”! For without His Resurrection, faith is useless! (...) God has given us the intelligent to receive the Revelation...with HUMILITY. Having Poverty, Simplicity and Humility...will help us to see the Revelation of God. (...) To understand what God wants us to do through this Revelation, it is for us and for the church. (...) What does God want us personally, is that, to take it (i.e. the Revelation of Christ Resurrection) with poverty... every day we learn to receive from the LORD.”  Amen! 

26th September, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading – Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 

The Lord says,

“My children, your life on earth is just a passing time... What do you gain from your life? If your time is so precious for you, do not forget there is more precious than that.”

(I asked the LORD what it is then, and He continued)

“Have faith in Me, My children, for without faith....you are spending your time without knowing where to go to. All I wish that you spend the time with Me, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and at night before you go to rest. I invite you to take time to pray...to meditate on My WORD every day, and that your prayer is filled with My grace. Have you got time to consecrate yourself to Me? Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every WORD that comes from My mouth. Listen then if you have ears... Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you.” 

The Gospel Reading – Luke 9: 18-22 

The Lord says,

“Peter believes Me that, “I am the Christ.” And you, do you believe?”

(With JOY, I prompted to say, “LORD, I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!”  He continued...)

“Look at My CROSS... What have I done for you, My people? Seek the TRUTH... and IT sets you free...” 

(And with JOY, I hastened to say, “AMEN!” The LORD continued...)

“I bless those who listen to My WORD and keep IT in their heart.” 

I went to today’s Mass after the Adoration. The priest’s preaching reflects upon the word of God (above). The priest preached, “There is always time to search for God – when I search for God, my time is new... Jesus said, ‘I will come soon...” We are patiently waiting for His coming. (...) Time is precious...given by God...(...) One day, perhaps... it will be too late. So do something what is essential. (...) Prayer is the most important in Jesus’ life. (...) Ask God to give us the grace to use the time appropriately. (...) Jesus is the Christ of God (the Father). Christ’s Heart really loves us... His pierced Heart is for us, who loves us so much! So take the time to love God... for time is God’s.” Amen!

 The Messages of God in August 2014


8th August, received at Adoration, Banneux  

The 1st Reading – Nahum 2:1, 3; 3; 1-3, 6-7  

The Lord says,

“I take pity on My children who have lost lives because of injustice behaviour of men. Can you imagine of what you have done to these lost lives? I am a merciful Father; treat every-one with MERCY, love them through which your action I will justify. Can’t you understand the meaning of My Passion and Resurrection? I have done so much for you – so that you may have life...in full. Will you surrender all your-self to me? I give you My Word broad enough...how many of you would listen to Me? Do you want to have Peace? So love one another...treat every-one with respect in life. I AM the Beginning and the End. Do not wait till the end of your life, but pray for your own conversion. I am with you till the end of time; do not be afraid. Listen then, if you have ears! Peace be with you...all!” 

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 16:24-28

The Lord says,

“None can be saved, except through FAITH...in ME. I AM your Saviour. I suggest you that you walk with Me...; carry your cross and follow Me...”

I went to today’s morning Mass after the Adoration. I heard the priest spoke of a language of FAITH, LOVE, and MERCY. He preached, “Happy those who put their faith in God. (...) As regards Jesus Christ’s Passion and Resurrection, who wants to follow Him...? Jesus says, ‘Carry your cross and follow Me.’ We are called to follow Him with liberty, but not by force. (...) Any-one who saves its life, will be lost, but any-one who loses its life, will be saved. (...) Do not say... ‘I love you LORD,’ when you want something you desire – that is self-egoist love. But, truly love God, as Christ loves us. It is the same love that Jesus wants his disciples to have. Let us pray, ‘Lord, I love you very much. Let the self-egoist love in me disappears, and let me truly love my brothers and sisters through Your LOVE.’  Amen.”

15th August, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Revelation 11:19, 12: 1-6,10        (The feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

The Blessed Virgin Mary says,

“My dear children... Today is the Day of My Assumption to God the Father. Pray together with me; pray for PEACE of the world...the world will not have peace, if there is no peace in their hearts. I am your Mother; I will lead you to my Son and to God. I bless you with my Maternal blessing. +    

The 2nd Reading – 1 Corinthians 15:20-26 

The Lord says,

“Do not be afraid. I will come to take you with Me on the last day... Do you believe in Me? I am the Resurrection and the Life.... My little ones, bear witness of My resurrection to everyone, and pray for everyone. Pray together with your Mother...Queen of Heaven. I love you and do not forget each one of you...”

The Gospel Reading – Luke 1:39-56 

The Blessed Virgin Mary says,

“I love you my children, I love you...children of all nations. I gather you all in My Immaculate Heart, and I will lead you towards the Father God...to the Source of Life. Be strong, my children, I am always beside you, and I intercede for all your prayers before the Almighty GodDo not be afraid, trust in my Son, who is your Saviour. Listen to His Voice that leads you to this Source of Life, so that you will never be lost. You are precious in the eyes of God. Do not waste your time...PRAY A LOT! Pray with me, and I will pray for you. I love you for eternity....”

After the early morning Adoration, I went to today’s morning Mass. Having heard the priest’s homily, I was struck by his convincing word that God loves humanity so....much.... God gives us the Saviour; our Saviour Jesus Christ was born through the humble Blessed Virgin Mary. Hence, without her – there is no Saviour! The priest stressed upon two graces: HOPE & FAITH. God is faithful to us, but are we faithful to Him? Thank you, LORD, for everything! The priest preached, “...Do you trust in today’s mystery? Do you believe the event where Mary’s body and soul are lifted up to heaven? Does the mystery make us understand? Why did God lift Mary up to heaven? There are two points of graces that I would like to draw your attention here:  the first grace is... HOPE. Now look at us here in this Sanctuary of Banneux.... Why do pilgrims come here...? People have come here because they have difficulty in their lives; also, people want to find “hope” through Mary, the Mother of God.(...) The Assumption...is the HOPE. She prepares the place of her Son where she draws all people to Him. She is the Queen of Heaven – she wants us all to go to Heaven. She intercedes for us - for each one of us. (...) We join her in prayer, and Mary intercedes for us. She intercedes for all nations - regardless of their religions from all countries. (...) Let us PRAY with Mary! PRAY with Mary! We NEED HER...to let the grace passes on to us. (...) Now, the second grace is that...the feast sounds logical! Who believe in God – we are in God. We all put our faith in God; with Mary as a model of faith...Mary never fails to trust God’s faithfulness. She stays faithful always, despite all trials. (...) Mary shows us today that Jesus is our Saviour – for without Him, there is no Salvation. Respect on HOPE and FAITHFULNESS.(...) Let us pray...'Mother, I’d like to go to Jesus. Help me to come to Him. Lead me to Him, your Son.’  Amen!”

22nd August, received at Adoration, Banneux  

The 1st Reading – Ezekiel 37: 1-4  

The Lord says,

“Come to Me My dear ones... for there is no other place that you can search for, except through Me. I give you My JOY! The joy to live with Me, as your God and Saviour. Give Me the time to know you, in silence... I need your attention, My children, that I am the Living God. Are you aware of that? I give you the breath to live... I AM the Living God... COME and ADORE ME... Thank you. ”   

I went to today’s Mass after the Adoration. It was actually the Mass for The Queenship of Mary celebration. So the scripture readings are based on this occasion. However, the 1st Reading that I read (20th Week of Ordinary Time) echoes to what the priest’s homily is – that is the two hearts: of Jesus and of Mary are the places where we can find our refuge, where we can find safety and joy...by trusting them. Their heart beats at the same rhythm as God’s heart... God’s heart beats for every human; He wants to know us, to love us and to give us life every day... God’s lives in every human being; He is the Living God. Thus our heart-beat is subject to the gift of breath from God that lives in us. How great is God’s works! Thank you LORD. Here’s what the priest preached, “... Two hearts beat together... Two hearts of MERCY! That’s the royalty (Queenship) of Mary, and that of Jesus, too. That’s the work of the Mystery of the Cross. (...) The Queen is unique, so is Jesus. She leads us to Jesus... (...) Let us pray with Mary...Trust Her. Her heart beats in the same rhythm as Jesus. So, trust in the heart of Mary. Amen.”

Let us pray, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love you, I adore you, and I trust in you!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, I love you, I honour you, and I trust in you! 

Protect me and be my refuge. 


29th August, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Jeremiah 1:17-19     (Memorial Mass: The beheading of John the Baptist)  

The Lord says,

“Give thanks to Me, My people... for what I have done from the beginning of your lives. I never forget you... I take you in My heart. Do you have time to adore Me? What do want to give Me?” 


“Listen My dear people, don’t waste your time – be prayerful. Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you.”+

The Gospel Reading – Mark 6:17-29 

The Lord says,

“Do not be afraid of the darkness, for I am the Resurrection and the Life. Seek for the Truth... What is the Truth? Seek It and the Truth will set you free!”

I went to today’s Mass after the Adoration. The priest’s preaching reflects upon the word of God (above). The priest preached, “(...) The Lord takes pity on the crowds, as He saw them like sheep without a shepherd. (...) Come to Me, Christ says, as I am in the midst of you...as you know it. (...) You know, the demon looks for humans without faith, but Jesus Christ nourishes us to make us strong...not only the body but the heart, too. (...) You have to go to the mountain where you can find all the beauty of God – where the Kingdom of God is... (...)  The life of the just is in the hands of God (i.e. The life of St. John the Baptist) – Jesus’ resurrection is the TRUTH. (...) Let us pray, ‘Oh LORD, give us the strength to remain faithful!  Amen.’ ”


 The Messages of God in July 2014 

4th July, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 9:9-13       (also includes, the 1st Reading Amos 8:4-6. 9-12) 

The Lord says,

“I am always with you, My children. Have you had enough with all you have had in the world? Take your time in silence now... and meditate upon My Passion and My Love for you... I bless you with My Paternal Blessing...” +


“I come to you and I listen to you... What do you want me to help you? Make sure your heart is full of love for Me... Give Me your heart and I fill it with My Spirit – Spirit of Truth and Peace. Do not worry, My children, for I am your Good Shepherd. I protect you. Are you ready to receive Me? My little ones, My JOY is in you; I want to give you this joy – everlasting joy...”

Afterwards, I went to today’s morning Mass; the priest’s homily touched me as he highlighted about Christ’s Passion – we are saved. He preached, “The hour of Christ’s Passion occurs... and when it is midday, the sun SHINES brilliantly. (...) There is the darkness appears, and it disappears at midday, as the light of the day shines on the darkness. Reflect on His Passion...It is high time now...that we put our trust in the Son of God – to BELIEVE in Him. Men killed the Son of God. This is a crazy action (...) darkness lives in the thirsty and the hunger... Prophet Amos said that men thirst and hunger for the bread from God; it is the WORD of GOD. (...) On the Cross, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” The soldier lances his spear on Jesus’ side; water and blood gush out from it. (...) It is not a thirst for water...but the thirst to LISTEN to the WORD of GOD – to have the Light of God; we are called to “RISE and WALK.” (...) Jesus overcomes the darkness..., to save us. (...) Jesus resurrected to overcome the darkness; He comes out to the light... to make us children of the Light.” Amen!  

13th July, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The 1st Reading Isaiah 55:10-11               (15th Sunday Mass)

The Lord says,

“I am the bread of Life. This bread is for everyone – especially for My sheep that are lost...Listen to My Word. My Word is the bread of your life. Listen to My Word, My people...”

The 2nd Reading Romans 8:18-23   

The Lord says,

“My dear children, day after day you live as normal life – do you give thanks to Me? Do you give Me the time to meditate upon My word? Do not be afraid to walk with Me though the road is narrow; I am with you...always.” 

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 13:1-23

The Lord says,

“My Word is the Lamp for your feet and the Light for your path. Listen to Me...and you shall live.”

I went to today’s morning Mass. The priest’s homily highlighted the importance of listening to God’s Word, as he preached, “... Are we incapable to listen to the Word of God? Jesus calls us to listen to It, as it is the bread of life – It gives us life. So the parable of Jesus is this: to listen to God’s Word – accept it and meditate upon it to help us live in the right path... Listening to the Word of God improves our faith. (...) Let not your heart be hidden from listening God’s Word! (...) In this world, media tells us the best and the worst news! Sometimes, the news can provoke us from having peace and to listen to (obey) God’s plan for each one of us - that’s the exterior aspect. Interiorly are egoist, worried, selfish, vengeance, hatred, jealousy etc, in which deter us from listening God’s Word. (...) Therefore, do we have ears to listen to God’s Word? (...) Let us receive God’s Word, plant it in rich soil and meditate upon it.  Let us pray with Our Mother Mary that she will pray for us... to be able to listen and accept God’s Word for our own good, as well as for our church and for the world.  Amen!”

20th July, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The 1st Reading Wisdom 12:13. 16-19              (16th Sunday Mass)

The Lord says,

“I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob and of all your forefathers... I am your Creator; there is no other god before ME. I call you to repent and believe the Good News that...I have resurrected, and I am your only Source of Life.  Honour Me on the Sabbath Day and keep it holy. Thank you for having listened to My call – I bless you.”  +  

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 13:24-43 

The Lord says,

“My dear people, Listen! I am not far from you..., as My Kingdom is within you – in your heart. Sow a good seed in your heart and let it grow... Be perfect, as I am perfect (holy). Be merciful, as I am merciful. Do you have time to reflect upon it (God’s Word)?”

I went to today’s morning Mass. The priest’s homily that had only touched me is... he said, “...Listen to the Word of God.”

25th July, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The 1st Reading 2 Corinthians 4:7-15        (The feast of Saint James, Apostle)

The Lord says,

“Get ready, My people, as I come amongst you. My dear people, have you got time to meditate upon My Word? I am close to you every day, and I listen to your heart. Do not be afraid, to speak to Me, My children, as I am humble and tender in heart. Be near Me, and pray, pray with a sincere heart.”   

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 20:20-28    

The Lord says,

“I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in Me, shall have Eternal Life – that I promise. My Word is a way to your Salvation; take it into your heart and pray... Thank you.”

I went to today’s morning Mass. The priest preached, “...Jesus knows the heart of men...what is inside them. (...) Jesus says that His Kingdom is not in this world. How do we enter the Kingdom of God? To enter the Kingdom of God is to enter It through the Cross... meditate upon Jesus’ Passion and His resurrection! (...) What we want to do... it has to go through PURIFICATION...such purification turns into love and profound joy in us! (...) In the Kingdom of God, it is... to serve others in charity. Jesus does not look for being great... (...) The power of God manifests in our weaknesses. (...) The world’s commitment is linked to Jesus’. (...) Let us pray... ‘Jesus, in this world, give us a PILGRIM HEART. Help us to show LOVE to all. Give us the STRENGTH to welcome all. Give us FAITH... (...) Give us the CONFIDENCE to search You, to live with you for eternity.’ Amen.”

  The Messages of God in June 2014 


6th June, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The 1st Reading – Acts 25:13-21       (7th Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

“My beloved people, you know that I come to you to give you Eternal Life; why is it so difficult to teach you?  Make sure you keep silence... take time to be in silence to listen to My voice. I am with you but you do not know Me? I shall give you all you need, provided that you pray with a contrite heart (humble before God)...Draw closer to Me, My children, and know Me who loves you. Do you love Me? I shall wait your answer...with patience... I bless you.”

The Gospel Reading – John 21:15-19       

(God told me that this message is for the world especially for those who serve Him). 

The Lord says,

“Follow Me, My dear children... are you ready? My Holy Spirit will lead you where you should go and preach. You depend on My grace to do so. DO NOT be afraid and worry... because I am your Good Shepherd. Trust in Me, My little children, I provide you all you need. Simply come to Me, lean on Me...pray... and walk humbly with Me. If you’re ready – then, follow Me...” 

Later, I went to today’s evening Mass, the priest addressed a touching question of Jesus Christ, “Do you love me?” It reminds me of God’s message of today.  The priest preached, “... Jesus sees in Peter’s eyes, and He repeated three times, ‘Do you love Me?’ Peter said, finally, ‘You know all, You know that I love You.’ (...) Jesus chooses sinners... The beauty of God... is marvellous! (...) Also, this Mass is... it is the preparation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Call upon Him now... (...) Pray together with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen! ”

13th June, received at Adoration, Banneux  


The 1st Reading – Kings 19:9. 11-16  

The Lord says, 

“I am the Living God; if you knew how many times I say “I love you,” you would change (your heart) and came back to Me.  I have been waiting for a long time for My lost sheep to come back to Me, ‘Where are you?’ I am your Father who loves you; I come to you to save you... Come back to me, My dear children, and I’ll give you rest (peace). Peace be with you.”

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 5:27-32       

The Lord says,

“My dear people, I would like you to obey My Commandments, and live in chastity. For this reason, I invite you to pray with purity of heart so that you can walk in holiness with Me. No-one can live according to My will, without prayers. Be still, My dear people, and seek Me in your heart. Amend yourself and follow Me until the end of times. Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you.  +

Before going to the Adoration, I went to today’s morning Mass, the priest preached about the way to live in chastity...  The priest preached, “...In today’s Gospel, we should look at the ‘Beatitude’. (...) God looks upon poor sinners... We look for God’s face... Happy are the pure in heart; they will see God! (Matthew 5:8) (...) Any man who looks at a woman and desires her – commits adultery in his heart (soul)...there’s no purity. Similarly, it applies to any woman desires any man. I speak of single persons. (...) I call you to desire to see God, with clean and pure heart. It is important to ask God for this grace; do not commit adultery, but abide by the Ten Commandments. Ask this grace humbly; we sort out all inside us, and return to God’s holiness. So ask God for this grace of chastity – the spirit of virginity. Reflect upon the life of St. Anthony of Padua, and pray... Amen! ”

Today’s Gospel Acclamation (John 10:27) echoes the Message above: 

‘The sheep that belong to Me listen to My voice, says the Lord, 

I know them and they follow Me.’  

20 June, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 6:19-23   

The Lord says, 

“I am the Light of the world, those who come to Me shall walk in the Light.  You come to Me because you have faith in Me, and you want Me to help you. I have come to give you My grace of righteousness, so that you may live in the right path. Take this grace and treasure it in your heart, for it is in your heart where you can find Me – Heaven is in your heart if you come and follow Me. Give Me all you have...your possessions...share them to everyone who are in need, and take up your cross and follow Me. I’ll show you how to be righteous. Will you follow Me? Thank you for having responded to My call, and I bless you.” +

I attended today’s morning Mass; the priest’s homily stressed upon “the treasure of Heaven,” as he preached, “What is important in our lives? We have all – our possessions. We know that they do not give us true happiness (...) we can have certain happiness, but it is not forever. Rather, find the profound joy (in our heart)... The Lord said in the Gospel, ‘Do not store up riches for yourselves here on earth...’ (...) Is it possible to collect the treasure from Heaven? The way to collect this treasure is by following the ‘Mason’, Jesus Christ. (...) Your house, car and money are all from God – give thanks to God. The love of God is the same as Jesus’. All things are from God. (...) Let us discern to be able to see what is truly precious. (...) We receive and we give generously. We apply generosity rather than richness. God’s will and mercy is our mission. God’s promise is always with us... (...)” Amen! 

27th June, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 2nd Reading – 1 John 4:7-16      (The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)    

The Lord says, 

“I am your God, and I love you... My beloved people, I love you... Do you love one another? Do you come to love Me and adore Me? This is My Commandment – cherish it and keep it in your heart. Live by My Commandment of love and you shall live with great happiness and in peace.”

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 11:25-30 

The Lord says,

“I AM your God who is gentle and humble in heart. Believe in Me and trust Me. My beloved people, come to Me and you will see... I bless you.” + 

Before going to the Adoration, I went to today’s morning Mass, the Bishop preached about  God’s love for humanity, as he preached, “The love of God is clear already...as we can see, God put His people into exile through His prophet, for example, Moses – God saves His people. (...)  God makes men – that’s God’s love. God is love...in the incarnation of Jesus. Through Christ God saves us...God’s love for humanity is a history. (...) It is not sentimental love, but to do the service and be mercy is... Jesus gives a message of love at Mt. Olive, in the Beatitudes. Forgiveness is more than the... “symbol” of the cross and the Eucharist. A total forgiveness is from the heart, having inner Peace. God gives lives to all... even though the persons who persecuted Him. God gives ALL! That means what God’s love is... it is infinity and without condition. (...) God said to the prophet, Jeremiah (31:31-33): ‘I will change your heart.’  It is in our hearts that God lives in us; hence we have to be purified in our deeds and our words. Like God, respect others in words and deeds. In view of the feast of the Sacred Heart today, we conceive that God loves us SO MUCH. We need to be in communion with Him; not only knowing Him – that’s all. Thus, in communion with Him... is the point. Amen!”

The Messages of God in May 2014  

2nd May, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading – Acts 5:34-42       (2nd Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

“My dear children of this Earth; listen to Me... listen to Me... If you want to find for a lot of happiness, I AM the Happiness... Serve Me more than anything – come and adore Me, My dear children. I give you My grace and I bless you. Thank you for having listened to My call.”

The Gospel Reading – John 20:1-9

The Lord says,

“SEEK first My Kingdom and its Righteousness, and all will be given unto you.  SEEK it with all your heart... PEACE be with you, all...”

I attended today’s evening Mass; the priest’s preaching highlights God’s messages of today:  be simple and humble before the LORD, so that we can have the fullness of life in Christ Jesus...that’s the true Happiness. The priest preached, “Jesus was in the crowds...teaching. The action of Jesus is the sign...to convert us. (...) It is the same, in the sharing of Bread. (...) Jesus’ disciples need Jesus... since they are mere human. Jesus asks us: to have the simplicity and the humility as a child. The LORD waits for the small ones... We are the small ones... (...) In Psalm 23:1-6, the Scripture says, ‘The LORD is my Good Shepherd; I have everything I need... (Continue reading it till verse 6.) At the Eucharist, Jesus gives us the Bread, freely...similarly He had given to His disciples and the crowds. That’s the ‘Sign of the Eucharist’: each person finds the spirit of a child... In the breaking of Bread...it gives us justice, joy and peace. The universal church keeps this fundamental event. (...) Indeed, Jesus is our KING and our LORD; He is FULL of LOVE for us, and He gives us His Word and the Bread (The Bread of Life!). Amen! ” 

9th May, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Acts 9:1-20       (3rd Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

Listen to My Word, My beloved people...listen to what I want to say to you...: I have come not to condemn you, but to correct your way. Give Me all your problems, and I will purify you. You shall never be afraid again... but be bold enough to come to me (He calls everyone to be his child), as I am your Creator, and I LOVE You. Be still..., and know that I am your God. Give your time for Me... ”

(I asked the LORD what He meant; He continued...)

“Give your time to adore Me, to love Me and to know Me better, in silence...prayer... MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, but ON EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT FROM MY MOUTH. You NEED My grace, My dear people... Are you ready to receive Me? Or, do you still doubt in Me? Change your heart and do not be afraid, I am here to help you... I am you LOVING FATHER. Do not be afraid... Come and see...” 

Today’s evening Mass concentrated upon “Jesus Christ is the Bread of life, and God’s Word as food.” (I was amazed: how wonderful it is to hear the priest preaching about ‘the Bread of life’ and ‘God’s Word’!) In which it reminds me God’s message of today (9/05):  The priest preached, Today is the subject of ‘the Bread of Life.’ The Bread is God’s Word – God’s Word is the Truth! The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are the REAL FOOD. This Bread is the Bread of Life comes from Heaven... Those who eat this Bread and drink the Blood shall have eternal life with Christ. (...) At the Eucharist, we live in Christ – it is the consecration in Jesus. We live for Him. (...) This Bread really ALIVE at the Eucharist – It transforms itself into real BODY and BLOOD of CHRIST. (...) Our own daily bread becomes WE...ourselves, BUT the Bread of Life doesn’t – IT is the Living Bread from Heaven. When we eat IT, we become like Christ Jesus... (...) Let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us receive this Bread in us...  Amen!”

16th May, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The Gospel Reading – John 14:1-6       (4th Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

If you know how much I love you..., you will ask more grace from Me... You will look for Me; you will be thirsty for Me. SEEK My Kingdom, My people, and I shall come to you to give you life in full, for I AM the WAY...towards My Father. Thank you and I bless you.” +

At today’s evening Mass, the priest underlined “the way of true happiness – is to follow Christ’s Way...,” as he preached, “At Easter time, Jesus proclaims to Jews that He has risen. Do not be disrupted – believe in God... So you believe too, in Jesus. (...) It is the act of faith of each person. (...) The LORD will prepare the place for us...thank Him today. In the eyes’ of God, we are no different – all (human beings) will be prepared a place by Him. It is the gentleness of Him...calling us to be near HimHe is in the midst of us – that is His gentleness. HE is the Way...; Jesus Christ says that HE IS the WAY...walk in these footprints...go where He goes...so that we can find the ‘JOY of HEAVEN.’” (The true happiness)


23rd May, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The Gospel Reading – John 15:12-17       (5th Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

Love one another as I have loved you: this is My Commandment. There’s no other thing that is greater than to love...Me, and you neighbours. Happy are those who have ears to listen to My call... I call you friends.”

Later, I attended today’s evening Mass, the priest stressed upon 'the Commandment of God: to love...' He preached, “...LOVE is the origin to love, so that it will eradicate our faults. (...) The essential (beauty) of the evangelic word...is that the Gospel speaks all,... too great and strong – it lives in God’s Love. The Love of God is like our house. Live in this Love and be complete! (...) Not to be called servants, but friends...Jesus says, ‘You are My friends.’ (...) God gives us a Commandment that is, to Love. Ask God for it... we do not have enough to discover it (God’s love)... not to be late! Jesus repeats it...’TO LOVE.’ Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God – a Mystical Lamb... All people are converted towards the Lamb! Amen. ” 

30th May, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The Gospel Reading – John 16:20-23       (6th Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

“Have hope in Me, My dear children, for I can never abandon you... I never abandon you. Do not be sad, but REJOICE! The joy that I bring to you is that I am with you, always... I look after you, and I care for you. Walk with Me now... with HOPE be your shield. I bless you... ”

At today’s Mass, the priest stressed upon “the JOY,” that is, God does not abandon us, and having faith relieves our pain. He preached, “Today’s Gospel intends to bring us the JOY! We have encountered many sufferings and pains, but God never abandons us. At Jesus’ Passion...even Jesus would say this, ‘Father, why have you abandoned me?’ God never abandons us – HE NEVER ABANDONS ANYONE. (...) As regards the presence of God – it depends on our sensibility... In the life of spirituality, there is a proof of having faith...to believe...based on our intelligence and our sensibility. Having faith help us to see through – to believe.... You may say, ‘It is not easy, Lord; we suffer!’ But, with faith...we live. (...) Rather, say to the Lord, ‘I accept this pain.’ Offer it to God. (...) Looking at all this pain, it is painful...no peace. But the JOY is the JOY of LOVING GOD – it relieves us. Having faith in God helps us to go forward. This is a mysterious invitation... So let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us to be ‘open’ like her (let it be done according to God’s will)...  Amen. ” 

 The Messages of God in April 2014 

4th April, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The Gospel Reading – John 7:1-2. 10.25-30        (Fourth Week of Lent: Friday) 

The Lord says,  

“My dear people, soon I will be condemned to death. What can you give Me? (Silence) Spend the time for Me in silence. Give Me all your love... Open your heart to My grace. I bless those who listen to My word and keep it. You shall live with Me and I keep you in My heart. Be prepared before I come to you... Thank you.”

Afterwards, I attended the Holy Mass where the priest preached about how to act in God’s grace, as the priest preached, “Brothers and sisters... meditate on both Scriptures. Jesus comes not to please men, but to please God. Why Christ pleases God? Because the intention is...to please God only. Christ is not there to please God only, but also He comes to love men. Like parents... Parents are not there to please their children, but to love them. Why? Parents love them for good purposes. If parents please their children, their children are spoilt. So we do not look for “pleasing” but for “loving”... (...) MANY religious, martyrs died to please God and to love men.(...) But the Word of God is GOOD NEWS – so why are we afraid of speaking the GOOD NEWS? Because there are evil ones out there who reject the Truth! Many men and women died due to “loving.” Do not be discouraged though... Bear this in mind: Do not please men, but please God. Pray to God... Pray with Mother Mary that we become the witness of God... for one another and for our today’s world. Amen!” 

11th April, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Jeremiah 20:10-13        (Fifth Week of Lent: Friday)   

The Lord says, 

“My beloved people, give thanks to Me, your God who loves you and give you all you need, and that I see is good. I save you if you call upon Me. Have faith in Me. As I said... I am close to you every day... Do you know that I am your Hiding Place? I am you security – I am your ONLY security... Come to Me my dear children, do not be afraid... because I am gentle and humble in heart. I will give you all my help if you do trust Me... Will you trust Me?”

(I was prompted to say, “Lord, I trust in YOU!  You know that...”)

The Gospel Reading – John 10:31-42      

The Lord says, 

My dear people, give me your TIME to KNOW ME better... Have faith in Me – believe in Me. I am the Son of the Living God. I was given to you (on the Cross) to save your lives. I did not come to you by my own, but My Father sent Me to you (from the outset). If you know Me, you will know the One who sent me to you, too. Stay awake! (Silence) I shall come to each one of you – be prepared... do not wait any longer. Salvation is close to your door... Pray a lot with My Holy Mother that She will lead you to this Salvation. I am waiting for you... ”

Later, I attended the Mass of today; the priest’s preaching absolutely stipulate God’s current messages (on 11/04). The priest preached, “... JESUS was threatened by the Jews – They do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus was stoned. (...) But Jesus says this: “The Father is in Me, and I Am in My Father.” That’s the mystery of the Holy Trinity... JESUS is indeed the image of God the Father. (...) JESUS saves ALL MEN! (...) We have to know GOD! We have to find a way to know God – spend time for Him (in prayers)... Let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us... to lead us to know GOD... to MOULD our FAITH! Who SEES JESUS, SEES GOD! Jesus SAVES all men... He says, “I will call all men to Me.” And, We... we all go towards the Father. (...) The Father loves each man, as Jesus loves us, as mentioned in the Gospel. Amen.” 

Today’s Psalm 17:2-7 speaks about God is our refuge and who saves us, which reminds us of God’s messages again: HE is our only Hiding Place, our Security. (See English version, The Weekday Missal, p. 239, Collins, Edition 2005)

...My God is the Rock where I take refuge

my shield, my mighty help, my stronghold.

The LORD is worthy of all praise:

When I call I am saved from my foes.  

And, today’s Gospel Acclamation:  ‘Repent, says the LORD, for the Kingdom of heaven is close at hand.’  That is: Salvation is close to your door...


20th April, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The 1st Reading – Acts 10:34. 37-43; The 2nd Reading – Colossians 3:1-4        (Easter Sunday)  

The Lord says, 

“If you know My gift of love, you will have all in full, because you accepted Me as your Saviour... and I give you all that gift. I resurrected for you. I am with you... among you, now until the end of times. I know the heart of man – do not have doubt in Me – I AM the Resurrection and the Life, whoever comes to Me, even though he dies, shall live...”

The Gospel Reading – John 20:1-9

(The Lord addressed to me that this message is for all, in particular, who are lost and in depression.)     

The Lord says, 

“I AM the LIGHT of the world; whoever walks with Me, shall not walk in the darkness. The Light that I give you is a thousand light years warmer (brighter) than the Sun...brighter than any creation. If you accept this Light, you shall live in the Land of the Living... Heaven is waiting at your door... Open the door of your heart now...and accept the Light – I AM the LIGHT of your life. Do you believe?”

(I hastened to respond: “LORD, I believe in You! You are the Light of my life – you are the Alpha and the Omega.” God continued by addressing this to the world...) 

“I send you My Spirit as your comforter and helper; I purify the surface of your world.” (of who you are). 

(I humbly prayed: “Purify Me, LORD. Give me a new heart...” Again, he addresses this to the world...)

“My Spirit will guide you towards the Light... to Land of the Living. Be ready, My dear children, before I come to you...”


25th April, received at Adoration, Banneux    

The 1st Reading – Acts 4:1-12       (1st Week of Easter Friday)  

The Lord says, 

“My dear people, at the moment (now) I was resurrected – you can see My Glory... I have said it in the Scripture (Bible) since at the beginning, but many of My disciples do not know what it means. But do you...do you believe in My resurrection? Or, do you have doubt? Turn to Me with humble heart and I will show you the Truth... and the Truth will set you free. REJOICE! And be GLAD! As I have come to you...; as I am ALIVE. Take My hand... (I saw one of His hands extended reaching out to the world) and follow Me, with confident. Thank you.”

(I was rejoiced! and I stretched out my hands towards the LORD. I then praised and thanked HIM! )

Later, I attended the Mass of today; the priest’s preaching absolutely highlights God’s message (on 25/04), and it echoes the one on 11/04. The priest preached, “The JOY of Easter! DO NOT be afraid... like Jesus’ disciples, Simon Peter, Nathanael, etc... (...) If Jesus was not risen, there would be no fish! But JESUS is ALIVE! He says, ‘My children...do you catch any fish?’ Jesus advised His disciples to throw their net into the sea... Later, the net was filled with fish, and the net was not torn...there were 153 fish! After this...the disciples recognised that ‘It is the LORD.’  It is marvellous indeed! (...) Jesus came to them to prepare the breakfast... When Jesus was with them He was attentive and gentle...and then He invited them, ‘Come and have breakfast.’ (...) Jesus gave them the bread and the fish, too. Now, it is the same as... in your mission: Proclaim that JESUS is RISEN! Jesus becomes the KEYSTONE! (Cornerstone) HE is the Pillar of the church. Jesus sweeps all our sadness away... He takes away all our darkness... through HIS RESURRECTION. It is the JOY what HE gives to us. Yes, in HIM ALONE!  Amen.”

 The Messages of God in March 2014 

7th March, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Isaiah 58:1-9        (Friday after Ash Wednesday)   

The Lord says, 

“My dear children, do not be afraid about what will be your life tomorrow... because I AM your Saviour. Give all what you have to Me...and I will give you all my graces. Have mercy to those who need of your mercy, do not condemn them, but love them. Clothe those who are naked; feed those who are hunger; give drink to those who are thirsty. Give love to those who are alone and cold. Pray for those who are in need...without cease. Persevere in the prayer... I give you all the resources; all you need to do is to TRUST ME. Be not be afraid to do what is good and just... Follow Me. Thank you.”

The homily of today’s Holy Mass underlined the meaning of “Fasting”, as the priest preached, “Fasting... (...) do not show off to others. Fasting does not make us afraid...eh? (...) It does not limit us from taking food. Our fasting is not to have a contradiction with others. In fact, fasting is the way to know who God is... If we call upon the Lord, He says, “Here I am.”Let us reflect upon the passion of the Lord during this Lent, to discover the Spouse (Christ) – our beloved one – through which we come to know God... (...) the Spouse of our soul. Amen!” 

15th March, received during a Morning Prayer, Malaysia

The 1st Reading – Deuteronomy 26:16-19         (First Week of Lent: Saturday)

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 5:43-48       

The Lord says, 

“All what I have to say to you is, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Give alms to one another... Obey My Commandment of Love. I am your Saviour – Do not go far away to search for the truth – I AM the Truth, I AM your Way, and I AM your Life... I bless those who listen and keep My command and follow Me. I will be their Stronghold for as long as they live. Do not be afraid...” 

(I said “Amen!” with great joy!  I thanked Him, “Thank you LORD for your Goodness!”)

21st March, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Genesis 37:3-4. 12-13. 17-28        (Second Week of Lent: Friday) 

The Lord says, 

“My dear people, give Me your ‘self’ and I will give you the way that you should go... towards Salvation. Be strong, to face all challenges in life. If you come to Me, your burden will be lighter. Give Me your heart now... and I will give you mine. I will purify you with My body and blood – I will make you mine. Do not doubt, but believe that I AM your Saviour – the Lamb (of God) who takes away the sins of the world. I shall lift you up on the last day. ”

(I asked God what it means. He continued...)

“If you trust in Me... no condemnation be upon you – your sins are forgiven and you are freed. No more tears, but let there be laughter and joy as you have found Me who is your Saviour and Lord. Pray that you could see this Salvation – just close to you. Search it with all your heart. PEACE be with you.” 

The homily of today’s Holy Mass underlined the meaning of “life and what we possess”, as the priest preached, “... (...) The LORD has called us not to be an absolute owner of something. (...) We must know the Lord’s Law... Hence, what we have possessed... always give thanksgiving to God. All what we possessed belongs to God, not belongs to man. (...) Prophets are sent by God. God sent His own Son to the World...but we reject Him. (...) We have to know the meaning of POVERTY... Do not be egoist, but know to be HUMBLE. (...) To understand what we have had is... to serve ALL people, and nations. (...) Be aware of the LOVE we bring to all – may it be a joyous one. Amen!”

28th March, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Hosea 14:2-10        (Third Week of Lent: Friday)

The Lord says, 

“Be prepared the way towards Salvation. Listen to My Voice... My people, who are you looking for? I AM the Bread of Life – I am that you are looking for... I am the Way to your Salvation. I am waiting for you. Are you coming to Me?”

(I was prompted to say, “Lord, let me come to you! Let me come to you...” He continued...)

“Come my little children...Taste and see that I am GOOD.I bless you. (+) 

(I responded, “Yes, Lord, You are GOOD. I trust in You!”)

The Gospel Reading – Mark 12:28-34           

The Lord says, 

“My beloved people, do you know that I am not far from you?  Listen to My Voice: “LOVE, and you shall LIVE!” (Silence) “Do you love Me? Do you love your neighbours? I remind you...there is no other than to love...is a Way where you can find Life. Thank you for having listened to My call.”

Later, I attended the Mass...Today’s homily was so “heart-shaken,” awakening our souls that are sleeping! It is a call to conversion – returning to God; taste and see the beauty of God’s Goodness; the priest’s preaching absolutely echoes God’s current messages (on 28/03). The priest preached, “Every day, we have great temptations! (...) Then...we search the Salvation from God. God is a Merciful God – He gives us Salvation. (...) Temptations want something without Salvation – it is a MISERY and a TRAP! (...) WITHOUT GOD, there is NO SALVATION! Let us show to God our iniquity, and that we believe JESUS...is a UNIQUE GOD! (...) The idols are a problem! We are all the idols – We idolise many things in life...these are the pitfalls! (...) Today, the measures of what to do... of all is man’s (human’s).  So what is the result? Are we going on the right way? JESUS... is a UNIQUE GOD – He can SAVE US! The ‘Word’ that God reveals to us (‘Salvation through JESUS’)... is “Come back to ME (JESUS)”. It is a call towards CONVERSION – go back to God from temptations... because God is FULL of LOVE and MERCY. Get rid of your sins and in return, God gives you ALL His Mercy! That’s the BEAUTY of GOD! Be faithful! (...) God never goes back to the past – only the idols and the evil ones do. (...) Today, if you return to His Kingdom – He heals you! (...) Love God... with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our Soul, and with all our strength. God’s love never separates us from the love of our neighbours. GOD is the ABSOLUTE SALVATION. NO OTHERS! Let us PRAY...with the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us find this Salvation. Amen!” 

 The Messages of God in February 2014 

7th February, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Mark 6:14-29  

The Lord says, 

“Listen My people! I can’t tolerate your lifestyles now – repent, and believe the Good News! For whoever listen to My Voice will be saved. Give Me your “old” selves and I will renew your lives. Behold, for I will make all things new! Get ready... for I will come to you at any time. Peace be with you all! ”

The homily of today’s Holy Mass is the call to repentance, as the priest preached, “In the Gospel, it tells us about the sinner – the adultery namely Herod. (...) He espoused his brother’s wife. John told him the truth...that he has no right to do so. This word is the truth. Herod ignored the truth... (...) John was sent by God to convert sinners – through God’s grace. (...) Pray... to those who listen to God’s Voice...will be converted by God. Let us listen the voice of our conscience and re-join in the prayer of Mary our Mother, to walk towards God. Amen.”   

The Sunday Mass this week also calls us to repentance (see Gospel according to Matthew 4:12-23; 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A). The scripture says, ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is close at hand.

14th February, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Kings 11:29-32; 12-19  

The Lord says, 

“Give thanks to Me, your Most High God, who gives you life and all things here on earth. All kingdoms here on earth are Mine. Why can’t you see that I am your Creator? I govern the world. Therefore, man shall not dispute for having any kingdom. Love your neighbours and respect one’s property. How many of you would listen to My Commandment? Do you know what you gain from it? " 

(I asked God what he meant. He responded, “What do you gain from obeying My Commandment?” Later he continued...)

“I invite you to walk in the Truth, where justice shows your way towards Salvation. Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes out from My mouth. Listen then if you have ear...and be saved through My grace.”

The homily of today’s Holy Mass is the call to welcome God’s word in our lives, as the priest preached, “...Open our heart to welcome the Word of God. (...) Nowadays, in this “old” Europe, it is not easy to believe in that... Now, let us turn to HOPE despite there is political and governmental injustice. Human law is not just but God’s Law helps us to see the truth and bright future. (...) Let us double our prayer, double our fasting, and double our work for God... God calls us to prayer and to mobilisation.” Amen!!   

The Sunday Mass this week also calls us to obey the Law of Christ (i.e. Commandment of Love) so as to please God. The Law contains the hidden wisdom of God, and it is given to us by love, which can only be fulfilled by genuine love and true concern for others. (see the 1st Reading Ecclesiasticus 15:15-20, and the Gospel according to Matthew 5:17-37; 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A). In the 1st Reading, the Scripture says, ‘If you wish, you can keep the commandments, to behave faithfully is within your power.’ And in the Gospel, Jesus says, 'I have come not to abolish the Law but to complete them. I tell you solemnly, till heaven and earth disappear, not one dot, one little stroke, shall disappear from the Law until its purpose is achieved." And during the homily, the priest highlighted the meaning of the “Beatitude” (Matthew 5: 1-12) 

21st February, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – James 2:14-24. 26. 

The Lord says, 

“Peace be with you, My dear Children, My Peace I give to you. Remain in My Love and I’ll remain in you. Do have faith in Me through Charity, almsgiving, pardoning, giving, serving the need, obedient to your parents (seniors) and respect one another’s identity.” 

(I asked God what he meant. He continued...)

“No man is different from the other, as all of you are the same: you eat, you live, and you die. Having faith draws you close to Me... Be sure then what you do is pleasing in my eyes... I count on your love to Me. Be Strong! Carry the cross and follow Me...”

The homily of today’s Holy Mass underlined the meaning of “true happiness” and having “faith” helps build up God’s Kingdom in us and among us, as the priest preached, “The happiness of religious people are close to God’s grace. To be the servant who cleans the feet of others... (...)  Those who want to win their lives, may lost their lives – what does it mean? Be humble before God. We need to have hope, to help those who are in needs. (...) I’d like to do with you... for you. (...) Christ said that ‘Life is ME”; I give you life.’ (...) Christ offers His life to us, and the same way, we offer our lives to Christ. (...) Having FAITH in Christ, help us draw closer to Him, surrendering all our lives to Him. In today’s First Reading, St James said, ‘You see now that it is by doing something good, and not only by believing, that a man is justified...faith is dead if it is separated from good deeds.’ (...) Every day I get matured by following Him...helps me to give my life for Him. I give my life by offering my time to Him...to be in His presence... Have a Sacrament of Reconciliation; in doing so, we offer our pride to God...we are in the presence of God. In the Eucharist, too...forgive others – for that reason, FAITH helps us to do so. Pray for one another to do good, to have peace and joy in the heart. Amen.” 

28th February, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – James 5:9-12   

The Lord says, 

“My little ones, do not wait for a longer time...till I come to you. You do not know when I will come to you – so be prepared... My little ones, My heart is in flames for each one of you.”

(At this moment I saw flames of a heart on a hand. God continued...) 

“Give Me your heart and I will give you My heart... I am waiting for you to return to Me so that you may have life in full! Oh... My children... how much grace do you know that I can give you?”

(I was hastened to add, “My Lord, so much... beyond my comprehension! Give Me your heart!” He continued...)

“If you ask for it from Me, I will give you... Open your heart now to receive My grace. I am with you, now until the end of time.”   (Amen!)

The Gospel Reading – Mark 10:1-12

The Lord says, 

“I have called you to change your heart, so that you could receive My grace that helps you to understand that My Commandments are the Way to help you to do good but not a verdict to punish you. Walk with Me My children, if you accept My invitation, I will show you the Way... I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life... There is no other way, but ME. I bless you.” 

At the Holy Mass the priest stressed on the importance of having the humility to accept the Cross in our daily lives, as he preached, “(...) Today, divorce is the mode. But God wants that marriages NOT be separated! As ascribed on the current moral about how we live today...: Today’s world begins to lose time... to lose the value and the courage to live together (in the married couple). (...) Ask God for having the strength to live in a community. Happiness does not come on believing... it is not easy only through believing. (...) The Cross that Jesus Christ carried is light! This Christ who carries it, taking the cross (trials) of problematic couples, and within its households. Despite, when difficulties are there, many are not able to carry the cross – losing hope and trust in God. The true happiness is to carry the cross till the end. So PRAY to God, so that you accept this cross. Amen.”    

 The Messages of God in January 2014

4th January, received at Adoration, Banneux  

The 1st Reading – 1 John 3:7-10

The Lord says, 

“Dear children... My dear children, I have done a lot to save you from the trap of the devil (Satan). Do not be afraid; come to Me... take My hand...”

(At this moment, I saw a white luminous right hand: God’s hand extended to me – towards the world. The LORD continued...)

“Will you come to Me?

(I answered, “LORD, let me come to you!” I extended my hand to Him. The LORD continued...)

You can never be alone – I AM your GOOD SHEPHERD. I look after My Sheep from the wolves (Jesus defends us from the evil ones)I protect you from being snatched by the wolves. Do you trust Me? Give me your heart now... And I will give you mine... I’ll renew your heart, and you are mine... you shall be mine, always. Never again you’ll be alone and cold. But, I become your Good Shepherd, your LORD and your GOD.”  

At the Holy Mass today, the priest’s homily that touched me:  “... LOOK at JESUS – He is the Son of God... God made man (God became man)... A man who has pure heart and is just.  God gives Him (Jesus) the Holy Spirit... that’s the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Amen!” 

Also, Today’s Psalm (Ps 97: 1, 7-9, The Weekday Missal, English Version, p.106) underlines God’s message above and what my vision is, today: 

Holy Bible: Psalm 97(98):1

Sing a new song to the Lord for he has worked wonders. 

His right hand and His holy arm have brought Salvation.


10th January, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – 1 John 5:5-13

The Lord says, 

“Anyone who believes in Me, shall live – you shall have Eternal Life. My dear people, I am the Son of the Living God. Be in haste...come to Me, and believe the Good News... that I am the Way to your salvation. How much longer shall I wait for you? Repent, and believe the Good News... I give you My Body and Blood and My Spirit, so that you will become one with Me; as I am ONE with My Father... Will you come to Me?”

The Gospel Reading – Luke 5:12-16

The Lord says, 

“Be prepared for I am coming to you... My people, be prepared. Have you had enough? Where do you want to go now? I am your only Way... believe in me and you shall live! Change your hearts now, and believe the Gospel (Good News). Be with Me every day, and I will guide your way. Do you want to follow Me?” 

At today’s Holy Mass, the priest focused upon “Christ, as the Light in our lives and that having faith heals us!” The priest preached, “Dear brothers and sisters... during this week after the Epiphany, Jesus manifests Himself with GREAT LIGHT! Jesus multiplied bread, walked on the surface of the sea..., and He comes to proclaim the Good News...to liberate the captives. Today’s Gospel: Jesus heals the lepers; Jesus touches the lepers; and after the miracle healing, Jesus went off to some places where he could be alone and pray. Why? Jesus visits all the time in ‘towns’, ‘cities’...and all other places... these towns (or cities) are our hearts. This man, Jesus, heals ‘these lepers’ – in us: our brokenness, our wickedness, our egoism, etc. Jesus comes to heal us! (...) Lepers are isolated persons... the persons who are spiritually lost - who are not with God – no contact with God. In the Gospel, the leper said to Jesus, “If you want to, you can cure me!” Jesus touched him and said, “Of course, I want to! Be cured! The leper found he was cured! (...) Therefore have faith in Jesus, so that he can heal you! Do we have faith? Secondly, Jesus touches us...so that He could live in us... God touches men (...) He saves, He heals (...) Again, today, God comes to TOUCH us... this Sacrament (the Eucharist) is the touch of God – Jesus touches us! (...) Are you prepared... to be touched by God (Jesus)? Finally, Jesus goes off somewhere... so that we become brotherhood (brothers-and-sisters) who pray..., (...) and that may the grace of God grow in us!  Amen!”

What strikes me about God’s messages here is that, they absolutely relevant to the Gospel Reading of this Monday (Cycle II, Readings of the 1st Week in Ordinary Time: Mark 1:14-20). I was aware of this when I attended the Mass today (Monday, 13/01/2014). It seems the Lord had revealed His messages to me beforehand: The Kingdom of God is close to hand! Repent, and believe the Good News... “Will you follow Me?” Jesus asked us.   

17th January, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading – Samuel 8:4-7, 10-22 

The Lord says, 

“Listen My people! I am the King. I am the One who rules the world, and all kings on earth have no power over Me. I am the First and the Last. I come not for the rich but for the poor... I come to save those who want Me to save... No matter who you are... I come to save you if you believe that I am your Saviour, your King, who reigns forever and ever. I bless those who come to Me, you will never again be alone and cold. My people, do not be afraid, but come and follow me... I bless you.” 

The Gospel Reading - Mark 2:1-12 

The Lord says, 

“Forgive one another, as I have forgiven you. Love one another, as I have loved you. Do you believe in forgiveness?”

(I was touched, and I promptly responded, “Lord, I believe in your forgiveness – I believe in your Mercy!” The Lord God continued...)

“My people, do not be afraid to come to Me, even if your heart is so far from Me; I am not going to be in a distance from you. I come to you...but, are you ready to come to Me? How much longer shall I wait for you? Time is short... Be prepared then. My heart is big enough (always ready) to forgive you. Do not be afraid to reveal your sins to me – have faith in Me, My people, and you will be healed.”

At the Holy Eucharistic celebration today, the bishop’s homily is quite eloquent and strong to address us about what the Scriptures say today in the Gospel and the 1st Reading, as he preached, “...There are several constitutional monarchies in Europe (...) and also in other nations in the world (...) the monarchy can make its people slaves – people work for them for many purposes, as slaves. But the king of Israel is GOD Himself! God is for his peoples – believers or unbelievers – as well as for all kings.  GOD is the only true KING. (...) Whoever has the heart of God, you may have a relation between you and God. (...) God forgives sins and heals physical problems... (...) Only by God’s Word can make people heal – through FAITH!  Jesus says, “Do you believe that I can do that?” You may answer, “Yes, I believe!” So it’s Faith that make it happens (healing) – with Love and Charity – will make a miracle! Not necessarily to be just religious... Remember, it is not us who do those (healing miracles) but God who gives the healings! We are the instruments for Him only. God can heal spiritual and physical sickness. (...) We can become the instrument of God through Love and Charity gestures: there are many examples, for instance, visiting the sick people or old people – they need us as they are ‘weak.’ Through our presence and communication of help, it could give hope in their lives through Christ. So all of us can be the instrument of God – to be brothers and sisters for people who are in need whether for physical or spiritual lives.” AMEN! 

24th January, received at Adoration, Banneux

The 1st Reading – Samuel 24:3-21

The Lord says, 

“My dear children, abide by My Law: Love is the Greatest Commandment – there is no others. If you obey My Commandment, you will live in harmony.  SEEK the BEAUTY of My Kingdom; SEEK IT with all your heart. If you seek It, I will give you the grace to find It. Your life will not be the same as I will transform you to be a good person. This person shall no longer depend on ‘himself’ but on My Providence... of My Kingdom. You shall have it if you work for it....” 

At the Eucharistic celebration today, it seems that the priest’s homily echoes the message of God above, as he preached, “Today, we celebrate the memory day of St. François de Sales; he who carries the great LOVE of GOD to God’s people and he is a great spiritual father. (...) It’s an opportunity for us to pray for our Pope François... (...) The relationship between David and Soul were profoundly focused on LOVE. Later, when there was a jealousy, their relationship became tense, which broke up their relationship. (...) But David has a heart of God that speaks the BEAUTY of GOD. That is...the “LOVE for our enemies”... (...) Change our heart of stone to a heart of flesh! Welcome Jesus, and live in Jesus...only Jesus can take away our jealousy – only Him... The grace of penitence (i.e. of the Sacrament of Reconciliation) uproots the jealousy! LOVE our enemies...that is the Eucharist – the LORD is going to espouse our lives. Ask for this grace...at this Eucharist...to forgive... so that the BEAUTY of GOD will be in you. Love your enemy and pray for those persecute you. AMEN!”

31st January, received at Adoration, Banneux 

The 1st Reading – Samuel 11:1-10. 13-17    (4th Week in Ordinary Time)

The Lord says, 

“My people in the entire world, I forgive you if you come to Me. I AM the Resurrection and the Life. What are you looking for in life? Help Me to come to you and to save you... Be near Me, My dear ones... I shall be your Stronghold, your Fortress, your Rock... Be faithful to Me and obey My Law. Thank you for having listened to My call.”

The Gospel Reading – Mark 4:26-34

The Lord says,

“My dear people, My little ones..., I am close to you – My Kingdom is close to you... are you aware of that? Pray constantly and seek My Kingdom... May the joy that you are looking for...and the peace be with you... Give thanks to Me for all things that you have received – thus, I will bless you... for many ‘things’ will come to your door (way). ASK, and you shall receive; KNOCK, and the door will be open unto you; SEEK, and you shall find. For whoever seeks IT (God’s Kingdom), will find... I bless you.” 

During the Mass, today, the priest stressed on how to seek true happiness, joy and love...through Christ alone, as he preached, “It’s important to pray for youths... All youths who are lost, desperate... they want to seek God, happiness and love. Jesus says, “Let the children come to me.” Do not be sinned. (...) It’s an important word. (...) let the youths meet Jesus... the youths thirst for happiness – a true happiness (...). Pope Francis said that let there be always in joy in the LORD – be with the LORD in joy! A true JOY! Not a superficial joy, such as the joy of drinking alcohol, etc (...) I hope that youths will find Jesus in their lives...the true joy. (...) Ask for this grace from God: to be like children...always available in the sight of the Holy Spirit, and turn to Him. Amen!”

At the Holy Mass, the scripture readings were actually taken from the Proper of Saints, 31 January (in Memory of St. John Bosco: 1st Reading, Philippians 4:4-9 & Gospel Reading, Matthew 18:1-5) instead of the scripture readings from the 4th Week in Ordinary Time. In my amazement, however, the messages of God also underlined the Readings from the Proper of Saints. Alleluia!

 F. Moris © God's Mission, Copyright, October 2010 - All Rights Reserved 


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