GOD'S WORD in 2012 

The Lord guided me to reading the Scriptures of that day before addressing His message(s) to me. 

The Messages of God in December 2012

6th December, received at Adoration – Banneux

The 1st Reading – Isaiah 26:1-6  (The first Week of Advent)

The Lord says,

“I Am the Good Shepherd. I guide your steps day-by-day. I lead you to the Living Water. My dear children..., come to Me..., for I Am your Way towards Heaven. If you come to Me, My dear children, I will take care of you, and I will teach you to do what is right. I will never forget you – even a single string of your hair.”

(I asked the Lord what it means here, and He continued by responding...)

“I will never forget you, as you are My creation; I know who you are.”

“Do not be afraid to come to Me. I am no longer interested to see your sins; all I want to see is that you LOVE Me, and that you give your heart to Me. I will purify it with my Body and Blood – I will redeem you from your sins, and you will have life with Me, forever. Never again, My children, you be left abandoned. My little ones, I LOVE YOU!” 

I felt that God’s LOVE and MERCY is so GREAT, it is INCREDIBLY GREAT! 

I attended the Holy Mass later, the priest’s teaching was so short but there is one sentence came from his mouth that particularly touched me: “God comes to save us...Trust in the LORD! ” And after the Homily, there was a few minutes pause, I asked the LORD if He has a word to say based on the priest’s teaching, He responded, “I Am the Rock of your life; lean on Me (trust in Me) and walk with Me....”

14th December, received at Adoration – Banneux

The 1st Reading – Isaiah 48:17-19   (The Second Week of Advent)

The Lord says, 

“My dear people, I Am your Father in Heaven, listen to My commandments. I no longer tolerate injustice in the world – SO MUCH INJUSTICE! Man shall not live on bread alone but on every Word that comes out from My mouth. Have peace with one another, and do what is good. I Am your LORD, the ALMIGHTY ONE; I judge man’s heart and thoughts. I call you to repent – Salvation is near you. Happy are those who have ear to listen to My Word and be saved. My dear people, get rid of your ‘self’ – pick up your cross and follow Me. I shall be with you and lead you to where Heaven is. I LOVE YOU...I come to save you. Abide by My Law will help you to walk in the right direction. Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you.... ”

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 11:16-19   (The Second Week of Advent)

The Lord says,

“SEEK FIRST My Kingdom, and all will be given to you. I shall bless those who listen to My Word and keep it in their heart! Peace be with you all!” 

At the Holy Mass, the priest’s teaching was firm but gentle, and he emphasised on “Salvation”, what does it mean? The teaching recalls me (us) on the Word of God given above; the priest preached, “What is Salvation? The Word of God gives us the Light. God is who guides us, who shows us the right Way. Pay attention to the Commandments and the Law – pay attention to the Word of God...that nourish us.(...) St. John of the Cross prefers God to him ‘self’, as God is the Way. God’s Word is the Way to Salvation. Let us ask God for this grace.”

21st December, received at Adoration – Banneux

The 1st Reading – Song of Songs 2:8-14  (The Third Week of Advent)

The Lord says, 

“My dear people, I come to you at every moment of your life – are you aware of that? I come to you...because I LOVE YOU, and I want to SAVE YOU. Do not be afraid to come to Me, I repeat, do not be afraid...I can only help you if can accept My love. There is no other than LOVE...Love changes your life. I create you to be My friends but not strangers. Will you accept My love? How much longer can I wait for your return to Me? I will never give you up, as you are My Creation...My beautiful Creation. I shall take you in My bosom, My little ones; I protect you as a father protects his children. I can never forget you, My love ones. Prepare yourself...for I’m coming to you...I bless you.”

At the Holy Mass today, the Bishop stressed on “God’s love to humanity”, which exactly what God has addressed above. The priest preached, “The Book of Song of Songs tells us about the relation between God and us. God who comes to us...to love us: God comes to see His image in us. God comes to us – He finds beauty in us despite our sins. Look at your God, and He is going to look at His image. That’s the expression of God’s Love for us, and our love for God. In the Gospel Reading (Luke 1:39-45), Jesus comes to us, that is God who comes to humanity. It is God who meets all humanity, such as Jesus meets John the Baptist and his mother. God comes to us not only at Christmas...He always comes – He comes to us every day – He is Immanuel!”

28th December, received at Adoration – Banneux

The 1st Reading – John 1:5 – 2:2 (The Holy Innocents, Martyrs) 

The Lord says,  

“Be still and know that I Am your God... My dear children, I come to you so that you will have life in full. I do not condemn your sins, but I want you to repent so that your life will be renewed. I Am Jesus, the Son of the Living God; I Am the Light of the world. Be near Me, My children, take my hand and I will lead you towards Salvation. The Salvation is close to your heart. You have to search the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. I bless who listens to My Word.” 

The Gospel Reading – Matthew 2:13-18 (The Holy Innocents, Martyrs)

The Lord says, 

“Do not practise killing – you should not kill any one; obey My commandment. My people...My dear people, Listen! I will come to judge on what you do. Your name shall be written in My books. I will judge each one’s deeds on the Last Day. Turn away from your cruelty – turn away from your sins! And come...receive the repentance (Mercy) from Me. I’ll forgive even how great your sins are. I call you to be good. Thank you! ”

Later, at the Holy Mass, the priest put great emphasis on “the truth” and on “love for life”. The preaching touched me, as in the same way God has underlined it in His message above. The priest preached, “Brothers and sisters, Saint John states the fact about the combat between the Light and the Darkness. (...) Now, speaking of “the truth” – where is the truth? Look what has happened since then...: more abortion has been practised, as well as Euthanasia! Confronted by these problems, we, fellow Christians, must be careful of these problems. (...) The world...the world attacks the very holy innocents and on what is purity, and all what is good. Brothers and sisters, pray...pray very hard for obtaining the truth...for life, and for the suffering. We have to respect the life! Amen.”

The Messages of God in November 2012 

2nd November, received at Adoration – Banneux

The Gospel Reading - Luke 14:1-6

The Lord says, 

“My little ones, can you see that the time is near? (God clarified me here the time when He will come.) I will come to bring justice in the world. I call you to repent and believe in the Good News. Do not wait any longer…as the time is near. I no longer tolerate injustice…Have PEACE with one another and be Merciful! Thank you for having listened to My call. Peace be with you!” 

I pleaded the LORD for His help, “Lord, have MERCY on your people – the world has no peace!”

The LORD responded to my plea, “The world has no peace, because they forget to obey My Commandments.”

I then attended the Holy Mass, which was celebrated by a Bishop. I was touched by the Bishop’s teaching, particularly the ones that relevant to God’s message above. The Bishop said this in the beginning of his homily, “Brothers and sisters, Peace be with you all! Shalom! (...) The Lord will come to judge the living and the dead – all humanity! (...) Saint Paul says that the end of the world (time) is eminent. (...) How can I go to the Kingdom of God? The answer is, obey the Commandments of God. Do have the right heart. (...) Do not be afraid of the Judgement Day; ‘Judgement’ here means having Justification so as to walk towards Salvation, in other words, it is to be justified and to be saved...” 

(I encourage you to read the Scripture in Mark 12: 28-34.) 

6th November, received at home – Morning Prayer


The 1st Reading – Philippians 2:5-11

The Lord says, 

“My Salvation is at hand…”

(I asked God what he meant, and He continued by replying…)

“I will give the Salvation to everyone… who seeks for it. I shall bless those who follow Me – and REJOICE... as the Salvation is with them.”

The Gospel Reading – Luke 14:15-24

The Lord says, 

“Happy are those who listen to my WORD and keep it in their heart, for they will see My Kingdom! My dear people, do not wait too long to come back to Me – repent – call Me, “ABBA, FATHER, I need you!” Whoever call My Name, I will come to save them. They never again – be lost, for I Am your GOD, your SAVIOUR, who loves you from the beginning of your existence. There are many places in My Kingdom…SEEK, and you shall find!"

Before receiving the Message at Adoration, I received God’s Word during my Morning Prayer at home; God’s Word is indicated in a small card, which He selected for me. The Word says, “May all SEEK You, REJOICE and be glad in You; may those who love Your Salvation always say, “Let GOD be exalted”” (Psalm 70:4)


8th November, received at Adoration – Banneux


The 1st Reading – Philippians 2:5-11

The Lord says, 

“I Am the Supreme God. No one can overcome Me. I Am the First and the Last. My people, be strong…”

(I asked the LORD to clarify, “Be strong…,” and He continued saying…)

“Have faith in Me so that you can overcome your weaknesses. I will be your Master – for you can’t do anything without Me – without My strength: I will take control of you… (He guides our lives) Open your heart now for My grace. My grace is enough for you to live according to My Will. I love you so much. All I want is to give you LIFE. I give you the freedom to choose: Me, or the world.” (God clarifies ‘the world’ here is your ‘self’). 

The Gospel Reading – Luke 15:1-10

The Lord says,

“I Am your Salvation, My dear people, do not be afraid to come to Me, for I am MEEK and HUMBLE in heart…Do not look at your sins but look at ME, your SAVIOUR, who can redeem your sins. You are no longer overburdened with your sins – you’ll become My friend…and you’ll have LIFE in Me, in full. No more crying…Wipe your tears away…Your sins no more – REJOICE! Come then, and live in Me, with Me and through Me. I LOVE YOU!” 

Afterwards, having attended the Holy Mass, I was struck by the priest’s Homily, which was relevant to the Messages of God given above. The priest said, “The Gospel Reading today shows the JOY of God, for a sinner who found Him back! It is the same word of St. Paul, ‘Because of Him, I lost everything!’ (…) God’s infinite richness – it is the LOVE of God!” 

16th November, received at Adoration – Banneux

The Gospel Reading – Luke 17:26-37

The Lord says, 

“My dear people, do not waste your time with materialistic excitement. (God clarified me here all you spend for your “own” good.) As I told you, My people...the time is near. Prepare your soul – be clean. My heart is pain to see My sons and daughters are losing their direction. Don’t you see I love you, and I want to save you? Turn your eyes towards Me – fix your eyes on My Cross. I died for your sins – for your redemption. My Father gave Me to you – I Am your Saviour. Who do you turn to now? Where do you go to? Love Me... and you will have life – Eternal Life! Your life has no meaning – no direction without Me. So turn to Me. This is the time that you need to repent. Give Me all your heart...and I will fill it with My grace. Peace to you all! Thank you for having listened to My call. I bless you...” 

The priest at the Mass that I attended today emphasised on believing in the “Truth”: it is Jesus-Christ our Lord who can give us the right direction...This is what he said that struck me, “Live on the Truth of God! (...) Love one another. In the world, there are people who oppose God’s teaching, and that they show you the wrong direction. Be careful! (...) Long for God’s teaching - God’s Law! (...) Who do you look at - your ‘self’ or the Lord?”  

23rd November, received at Adoration – Banneux

The Gospel Reading – Luke 19:45-48

The Lord says,

“I Am your LORD, your GOD – the HOLY ONE. You are My creation – I call you to be Holy. My dear children, purify yourself before you enter to My House. It is important that you be cleaned inside you before you come to adore Me. For I see the heart of man, not by his effort. Do what is good – behave yourself and thus your offering (prayer) will be heard in Heaven.  My children, listen...if you have ear – thank you.”

The priest’s teaching at the Holy Mass today has an important message which relevant to God’s message given above. The priest preached, “(...) The world is not pessimistic, but destruction. Be careful! (...) In today’s world, we forget God – we reject Him! The Gospel suffers from persecution! (...) We need to behave well – look at our behaviour! It is “behaviour” is the question here!”

30th November, received at Adoration – Banneux

The 1st Reading – Romans 10:9-18   (The feast of St. Andrew – Christ’s Apostle)

The Lord says, 

“Faith... that sets you free...Faith... that saves you, however, how do you show your faith to others?  Let your faith be transparent to the public eyes through charity, through preaching the Good News, also to do what is good to one another. It would not be enough to say that you have faith without having love; for LOVE is My Greatest Commandment. I call you to meditate upon the Scripture that speaks about this Commandment and put it into practice in your daily life. I bless you.”

During the Holy Mass today, the priest’s teaching was particularly touched me when he spoke about ‘the running stream’, in which he gave an example of being a faithful disciple of God. I could not catch all what he said though due to his small voice. After the Holy Mass, in my prayer, I asked the Lord what the central message of the priest’s teaching is. The Lord responded, “Faith and Love must work together; it is because you love Me first and that faith draws you to Me...in full confidence in Me. Isn’t it? Like the running stream, if you follow the stream you will find your way out. But if you stop... you will be lost, because you never again have faith in Me. Do you love Me still?”

The Messages of God in October 2012 

12th October , received at Adoration - Banneux.

The 1st Reading - Galatians 3:7-14 

The Lord says,

“Blessed are those who listen to My Word in the Scripture and put it in their heart; they will see My Kingdom is near them. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one can come to My Father except through Me. I have come to you... my people, have faith in Me, and you shall live. I Am your Saviour.”

The Gospel Reading – Luke 11:15-26

The Lord says,

“I am with you now... and until the end of times. My Kingdom is near you...in your heart. Search Me and you will find. Faith...will make you see that I Am your LORD, your GOD.”

At the Holy Mass on that day after the Adoration: during the homily, the priest emphasised on this, “Have total faith in the LORD! Call upon the Lord, ‘Lord, remember us when you come to your Kingdom.' This is the Year of Faith, so... fill our heart with the burning LOVE of Christ.”

16th October, received at home - Morning Prayer.


The 1st Reading – Galatians 5:1-6 

The Lord says,

“Be strong My people; be strong when you are in difficulty or in tribulation. Have faith in Me, for I Am your Saviour... If you have faith in Me – you will be saved. I created you from the beginning...to be My sons and daughters. I can never abandon you, for you are Mine. Don’t you know that? I will never forget you! Each of you is dear to My heart...Do not leave Me and do not abandon Me...I Am your Father in Heaven. I love you! Peace be with you all! Be not be afraid... but have faith in Me.” 

The Gospel Reading – Luke 11:37-41 

The Lord says,

“If you love Me, you will know what to do “good” means – My spirit is upon you. Can anyone say that he is good but inside him is dirty? If you do say so, you are a hypocrite! Be always sincere from inside you, thus the outside will show the beauty from the reflection of inside you. My people, thank you for taking My Word seriously and keep it in your heart. I love you...” 


19th October , received at Adoration - Banneux


The 1st Reading – Ephesians 1:11-14

The Lord says, 

“Listen to Me, my people, come to Me...to My heart. My heart is the Source of ALL...I Am your only Providence...the Source for your life...With this Source, you will never be thirsty and hunger any longer. I Am your only Salvation – believe in Me...I Am JESUS. Do not be afraid of darkness, I will protect you. I Am your only Security. I never forget you ever since I formed you in your mother’s womb. PEACE be with you ALL!" 

The Gospel Reading – Luke 12:1-7 

The Lord says,

“I am with you at present and shall be with you in the future. I had been with you in the past...I Am the Alpha and the Omega: I know your past quite well; you can never hide from Me, for I Am your Creator.” 


As usual, after the Adoration, I attended the Holy Mass. The priest was in his 90s; hence, I could not catch what all his teaching was. After receiving the Holy Communion, I asked the LORD (Jesus) to remind me what the central point of the priest’s teaching was. The LORD responded, The “Truth”... is the way of life, which I will lead (anyone) towards My Father.”    I believe the “truth” that Jesus Christ mentioned here is this: He is our only Source, Providence, Salvation and Security; He is our only Creator who knows our beginnings and our ends, since He is the Alpha and the Omega. The LORD’s Word to me here does relate to His message above.

26th October, received at Adoration - Banneux

The 1st Reading – Ephesians 4:1-6

The Lord says,

“Dear children..., listen to My voice and follow Me. Speak the language of LOVE, of UNITY, of PEACE to all your ‘brothers and sisters’ (God clarified me here the people you meet daily), and put Me in the centre of your life. I bless those who work for unity; their reward will be great in Heaven. I Am the Light of the world and the Master of all. Pray at all times, so that you can find unity, love and peace. Yes...I will be with you, and I will guide you – Trust in Me.”

The Gospel Reading – Luke 12:54-59

The Lord says,

“Do not judge others! Look first at yourself and correct it. I call you to have MERCY on others and create peace with one another. If you do this, you shall be My sons and daughters – My disciples. The sheep that listens to My voice, follows Me...; he knows My voice, and I know him. Therefore do not judge...All I want is, MERCY! ”

Later, I attended the Holy Mass at Banneux. During the homily the priest said this, which struck me:  "Live in the spirit of unity! The Lord is the only source of unity; thanks to our God - one God alone, the Father for all! Fix our eyes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. How much can we pay for his blood? His love is infinite..." After receiving the Holy Communion, I prayed and during my prayer, God said this to me: “I Am the Source of Unity; anyone who knows Me, will work for unity; for I Am the God of all Goodness.”  The Priest’s teaching here is amazingly relevant to what I received from God particularly about Unity; also about Love and Mercy– no judging others (Sacred Heart of Jesus), Peace (work for unity); the Light of the world and the Master of allI will be with you and I will guide youGod of all Goodness (only one God, the Father for all.)


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