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I was born catholic and was brought up by catholic parents of six children – I am the fifth child.  I have been a devout catholic ever since I first received the Holy Spirit into my life; that occurred when I attended  a prayer group meeting one evening at Holy Trinity Church, in Tawau, Malaysia. At that time, I was 15 year-old and was one of the Charismatic Renewal members in Tawau; I was active serving the Lord in the form of many activities in and out of the church.

Thierry, is my husband; he was born catholic and was brought up by catholic parents of five children – he is the fifth child.


In 19 June 1993, I got married to Thierry who is Belgian by nationality, and we decided to live in Belgium. I have been living in Belgium for 18 years and the half (to be precise!). Sometimes, people question us  about our marriage, such as “How amazing to see two people who lives miles away from each other, can meet and get married within just two weeks’ time?” Indeed, our marriage took place in Tawau, simply after a two-week meeting.

Facing the reality

Pen-paling  has been one of my hobbies since then, as my aim is to know people of different cultures and beliefs worldwide, meanwhile, it is a way forward towards evangelising. Whilst Thierry’s intention  in pen-paling was that he liked to communicate and understand people’s lifestyles and cultures worldwide.

In fact, before Theirry decided to meet me, Thierry and I were just “normal”  pen-friends for 2 years; our relationship became more “closer” later just after two years. Following the question posed earlier, I explained people that “faith” had brought us together in marriage – but many people who heard such response, were ambiguous.  Truly, Thierry and I believe that our marriage is as a result of our “faith” in God. How can we illustrate what we mean here? When I was single, in my early twenties’, I had been praying to God about my vocation; in my prayer, I asked God to show me what would be His will for my life: whether to serve him in religious life or in marriage (a catholic marriage).  I also asked the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for me. Similarly, when Thierry was single, in his late twenties’, Thierry declared that he did pray for his vocation too, and that he asked the Blessed Virgin Mary to search for him a devout catholic woman. Whenever I wrote a (long) letter to Thierry, I used to speak not only about me and my family, but also about faith; and one day, in my letter, I spoke about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Likewise, I did this kind of evangelisation to other pen-friends worldwide at that time. Many of my pen-friends were atheists hence they  quite repulsive to what I said, it did not stop me though to proclaim God’s goodness!  Nevertheless, Thierry said he was touched as I spoke even about the Blessed Virgin. I was pleased, at least, he understood who She is. 

Two years had passed by, one day, I sent Thierry 'a postcard' which "depicts an image of a man kissing a woman at a train station". It was romantic, of course, but for me at that time was only a dream... in my heart, I said to God, “I trust in you, may your will be done; do what you see is pleasing you”, and that I was confident in Mary’s intercession for me/us.

One day, I was struck to know that Thierry wrote to me that he has the ‘sign of God’, from which had prompted him to decide to meet me in Tawau. I was wondering what he meant by the ‘Sign of God’. I continued reading his letter, later, I was totally amazed to know that the ‘sign’ he meant was that while he was in the cinema, he saw clearly in the film that was called "The Singles," which has similar picture as depicted on the postcard I sent him – which consequently touched him. He was keen to see movies in the cinema, so God had chosen this medium to speak to him, whereby he was more receptive to it at that time rather than through prayer. He commented that before all these touching events: he had no attention to fly to Malaysia, with only the description about the Virgin Mary, faith, and the image, from me. That is to say, before the events, both of us had the same notion that is, our relationship was just a “fairy-tale”.

Despite the notion in mind, it turned out into reality – Thierry came to meet me at the end of May 1993, and stayed at my parents’ house for 2 weeks. We got married at Holy Trinity Catholic Church on 19th June 1993. God bless our marriage, from which we have got two sons, Jeremiah aged 15 and Timothy is 13. 

THIS IS THE DAY - Wedding Song 

Picture number 1 above shows the postcard image I sent to Thierry; the image was coincidentally depicted on the scene at which Thierry's saw in the cinema. This incidence acknowledged us intensely that it is the 'Sign of God', from which prompted the possibility of our destiny to be together...

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"Let us join together in ONE God's wonderful family..."

God’s kingdom is near...

Having lived in Belgium for so many years, I have come across myriad of hardships such as language barrier (French), cultural adaptation, getting friendships, getting suitable employment, to name but a few. In addition, for me it is peculiar to have to conform the manner how catholic worship takes place in the francophone community; it is surprisingly different compared to what I had attended in anglophone catholic worship in Malaysia and in the UK. It is challenging, however, again I believe God has been testing my “faith” and “love” towards Him since. At that time, I felt the Lord told me this, “It is your act of love that I aimed at, not being indifferent.” It touches deeply in my soul, as I believe Christ has revealed his importance of “love”, in whatever I do, see, and think. Moreover, there was a period of “darkness” that we encountered in our couple, like many couples do....This situation was  inevitable due to..., again I insist, “differences between two people”....I believe God had tested my “faith” during that period about the question “LOVE” . God questioned me, “What does LOVE means to me?”

Days had passed, yet the question lingered in my mind...While I was struggling to find the answer, God gave me the insight  what the meaning  of “LOVE” is: my personal thought says, “it is to love the ‘ONE’ who creates me with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength and with all my mind...and if I could see “this LOVE”, this Divine Love...it helps me to love others, as God loves me (and all mankind). Such insight makes me stand in awe, “what an amazing grace,” I feel I fear God...He is GREAT! Further wisdom from Him is that, since I put him first in my life rather than any other matters, God’s Spirit helped me to go through all the dire straits which I had encountered during that dark period. I have trusted such wisdom/insight since then. All I have seen since, is that, God is so faithful, loving and merciful...He wants me to imitate him, though imperfect I am, He LOVES ME...THANK YOU LORD!  

In 2000, Thierry discovered that he had hernia, this means part of his spinal bone protrudes slightly through the wall of the cavity containing it. This incident caused him a lot of pain on his back, he could not stand for a long time nor walking too long nor carrying heavy items, and he could hardly sitting down comfortably. He looked doomed at times whenever the pain was there again. Seeing his suffering, my heart wept as I sympathised his ‘bad’condition.

Meanwhile, at that time I was also not feeling well as I felt some inconvenience happened on the lower part of my abdomen, where the urinary part located. Yet, I had positive thinking that all would be fine in Jesus’ cares – I trust him completely!

I had been praying for Thierry every day. Then one day, I was reading a Catholic Goodnews from the UK, I came across a kind of Healing Rally leaflet in it. I read it through.  It was indeed organised and conducted by Cor et Lumen Christi in London, in July 2005. I did not know them, but I strongly felt that the Lord had prompted me to attend it. I prayed to God, and if  it was really His will, He will touch Thierry’s heart about the news.  Hence, one evening, I approached Thierry and told him about it, I was pleased as he agreed to go with me, though I a bit ignorant about “healing by means of praying over”. Thierry had never experienced praying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over somebody. I explained to him that, “Jesus comes to heal the sick, therefore, it is your faith will make you well.”

When we were at the Friends Meeting, where the Healing event took place, we were happy but also surprised to see the crowds packed in the building. When the praying for healing began, I received the power of the Holy Spirit for the second time; I felt I was rejoiced to see how great God’s mercy and his Love is: so indescribable great! At that time, I could not help wiping and my body was held firm from my toes through my hands/fingers and head, meanwhile, my arms were shaken. Later, there was somebody came and prayed over me and anointed me with oil on my forehead, gradually, I felt my body returned to a normal state. I heart was full of joy!

In fact, Thierry did receive the power of the Holy Spirit too, it was for the first time. At that time when it happened, he said simply, “Jesus, I surrender all to you.” He declared, he then felt like “the electricity flowing through into his arms. When I felt I was back to my normal state, he agreed that I brought him down to a hall nearby the podium, where I got a brother of the Community to help prayed over Thierry, particularly healing for his hernia. After the praying over, Thierry was anointed with oil on his forehead like I was. Later, he declared that he felt “relieve” and “happy” inside him.

When we were back in Belgium, as time passed by, we continued praying every day in our family; I acknowledge that the problem in my body had gone, I did not feel any more the inconvenient  pain in the lower part of my abdomen. Praise God! Whereas, for Thierry, at that time he occasionally did feel the pain on his back – but it was amazing he could walk, sit, and carry heavy items without commenting any pain! I told him not to worry, but have faith in God, and continued praying for it. Now, what I have seen since last two years ago, he NEVER complaining about it any more – I really believe that Thierry is completely healed by God! He looks very normal condition now. Alleluia!

Our God - Chris Tomlin (acoustic_version) fana.mp3

 The Blessed Trinity - Our GOD

The DIVINE Mystery of ONE GOD in three Persons

God is our Father in Heaven. He is the Father for all mankind, and He is our Creator.

The Father invites my family and I to pray together the "Our Father" every day during family ROSARY prayer at home, everywhere we go, and at every meal. As the prayer is such a "powerful & beautiful prayer" - I would like to invite you to listen, pray and reflect on the prayer: 'Pater Nostra' in Latin, with the translation in English (click on the video clip below).



A call for further purification

Indeed, in 2005, I had had the taught to go to Lourdes with my family. Hence I had eagerly prayed with the Blessed Virgin, I asked Her to help me to fulfil “my dream” if it is God’s will. For us, travelling is costly, since we live day-by-day only dependent on one breadwinner in our household – I do not have a stable job. Therefore, in terms of financial it can be one of our main concerns. Yet, I believe that in God, nothing is impossible...I trust Mother Mary’s prayer for us. I said “us”, as I had the intention to bring my family to Lourdes. I talked about it to them, but it seemed they were  adamant that they would not interested in my invitation. So I asked the Blessed Virgin to inspire their hearts with this invitation, along with my incessant prayer to God.

Thanks to God’s grace, and thanks to Mother Mary’s intercession, on mid-August 2009, my family and I went to Lourdes by our own vehicle. When we arrived in Lourdes, we lodged at a very simple flat owned by a British couple. The next day, we were at Lourdes. Personally, I regard Lourdes as a very crowded place, but, what incited me about the place is that, I really felt the presence of the Holy Virgin Mary over there: it is such a Holy Place – like a place where God provides a        “Sanctuary” for His “hunger and thirsty for God’s grace (i.e. help love and mercy from God). Observing the situation, I was touched. I felt my faith was awakened up more and more for God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, through Mother Mary’s leading me and my family. It is hard to describe here by words about what I observed, it was touching, the “amazing beauty” of  God’s grace is indescribable!

After staying about a week in Lourdes, we headed toward Nevers on our return to Belgium. At Nevers, we decided to visit the body of a Saint, called Sainte Bernadette; she had several visions of Mother Mary apparitions in Lourdes, and she received some vital messages for her (personally) and  also for the world...In fact, Mother Mary is leading the world to the His Son, Jesus Christ. By believing in Him, we can obtain forgiveness and fullness of life with God. She constantly calls us to live in holiness...The question is, do we have ears to listen to the call...?

The body of Sainte Bernadette is incorrupt, it is so gracefully beautiful. It shows the world that “miracles do happen”, in God all is possible, and God is HOLY. Like Mother Mary, God calls us to be holy. Why? Except through our eagerness to wanting to follow His Way, we cannot see the Light of Christ, which gives us everlasting hope and peace here on earth and towards the afterlife...This wonderful phenomenon and understanding, help me and my family realise that God is love and merciful. His Kingdom is so near to us, yet many cannot see...For the scripture says, “Be still, and know that I am your God,” (see Psalm 46:10a). Simply have some time in silence with God, then you will sense that... He is so SPECIAL to YOU! Amen!

The religious habit to pray together has been practised by me and Thierry since we met; we prayed the ROSARY together everyday, but after our children were born, sadly, we occasionally prayed together, but always did it alone or ignored due to many worldly reasons! However, God was and is always looking at us from Heaven, and His Love and Mercy to us is never end...He continues to win my heart, and my family’s heart – for me, I always open to the Holy Spirit in my prayers.

When we were back in Belgium, our family’s life has changed: through God's grace I made a Sacred place (an altar) for family prayer in our home.  We are used to praying the ROSARY together at home every day. On the road, and everywhere we go, we do not cease to pick up our Rosary to pray together in the family. Because we believe that praying together could bring us together, united in God’s Love and Mercy, despite any “shakable” situations. We have decided to put the Blessed Trinity in the centre of our family; together with the Rosary, we recite it everyday with the Blessed Virgin Mary, who always protects us and keeps us on the path that God wants us to go to. AMEN! Thank you Mother Mary! 

Praise you JESUS!

The Family Prayer Song - Maranatha! Praise 16.mp3

 Our Family Altar comes into its existence after our pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2009. 

THE HOLY ROSARY - it is the gift from the Almighty to everyone; it helps open the heart to His Love & Mercy for those who humbly pray with the Blessed Virgin Mary. 


 The Holy Virgin Mary with Her Son, Jesus...

She stands on the Earth, and she holds up the Rosary to show the world that, "the ROSARY is the way to LOVE, PEACE, and HOPE." Jesus is always with Her, bringing the LOVE, PEACE and HOPE to the world...

The Blessed Virgin Mary is our Mother. She is the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of all nations.

She is the Immaculate Conception, and through Her humble acceptance of God's will, God sent His Son Jesus into the world for us, for our SALVATION.

Since from the beginning, She has humbly accepted God's Will to lead us to the Father through Her prayers and intercessions. She is indeed the Mother of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The Holy Mother constantly reminds my family and I to pray with the heart: we pray the ROSARY every day, despite our individual circumstances. She invites us to pray together as much as possible in the family; in doing so, it helps unite our family in God's Love.  

We also believe that the Rosary is one of the 5 weapons against temptations; the other four are: Eucharist, Holy Bible, fasting and monthly confession. Since the "Hail Mary" prayer is graceful & sovereign, again, I invite you to listen, pray and reflect on the prayer: 'Ave Maria' in Latin, with the translation in English (click on the video clip below).  

The Holy Mother LOVES YOU, as much as Her Son does... 


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